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Job Description for Payroll Clerk

Job Description for Payroll Clerk

Welcome to our website. In This Article, are you looking for Job Description for Payroll Clerk is a specialist who is responsible for processing payroll for a company or organization. Payroll clerks typically receive data from payroll departments to compile payroll reports. They also enter data into the payroll system, manually processing the information that is then matched with related data.

When completing payroll, payroll clerks may use automated systems that calculate payrolls. They may also use spreadsheets, which can provide benefits such as the ability to calculate overtime, vacation, and sick pay. Regardless of the method used, payroll clerks typically process payroll by calculating gross pay, base pay, and other pay-related benefits.

Job Description for Payroll Clerk

We’re looking for a Payroll Clerk to join our team. The Payroll Clerk will be responsible for processing payroll for our employees. This includes calculating wages, withholding taxes, and other deductions. The Payroll Clerk will also be responsible for preparing reports and ensuring that our employees are paid on time.

Payroll Clerk Duties:

  • Process payroll and administer personnel records
  • Evaluate employee-related problems and make recommendations
  • Identify and correct errors
  • Perform related work as required

Payroll Clerk Responsibilities:

  • Record employee time and attendance, resolve payroll issues, process payroll in a timely manner, and calculate and issue paychecks
  • Generate biweekly pay slips for distribution to employees
  • Maintain accurate employee and payroll records
  • Maintain detailed and accurate records on hours worked by employees
  • Provide accurate and timely reports
  • Ensure the right employees are covered under workers compensation, unemployment insurance, and other benefits plans
  • Make changes to employee benefits plans, such as adding or removing employees
  • Assist with tax filings

Requirements And Skills:

  • Proven experience in a payroll role
  • Strong communication skills with attention to detail and accuracy
  • Strong time management skills
  • Strong organizational and analytical abilities
  • Ability to think independently and problem solve
  • Strong knowledge of general business software

The Company or Institution takes pride in being an Equal Opportunity Employer. We feel that diversity and inclusion are essential for forming a strong, successful team. People of all origins, ethnicity, faiths, nationalities, genders, and ages are encouraged to apply. We are also dedicated to assisting veterans and those with disabilities.

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