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Tamisemi Call for Work Tamisemi-or

ORODHA YA: Walioitwa Kazini Tamisemi Call for Work Tamisemi-or

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The Office of the President – Regional Administrations and Local Governments (OR-TAMISEMI) would like to inform job applicants for various health cadre positions who submitted applications during the month of April, 2023 that the process of assigning them work centers has been completed in the second phase. This phase is for filling the vacant positions of the Staff who were missing during the analysis of the previous applications.

Walioitwa Kazini Tamisemi Call for Work Tamisemi-or

In April, 2023; The Office of the President – TAMISEMI received the approval of the employment of 8,070 employees of various Health Cadres. After the employment process was completed, a total of 5319 qualified health cadre job applicants were assigned to work centers. In addition, a total of 2,751 health cadre positions lacked qualified applicants. Those cadres are Doctor, Doctor Assistant, Dentist, Dental Assistant, Laundry, Physiotherapy, Standard Technician Medical Equipment, Ophthalmic Technologist, Radiation Technologist, Dental Technologist, Ophthalmic Assistant Technologist, Dental Assistant Technologist, Certified Nurse and Physician Assistant.

On May 31, 2023, by letter with Ref. CCD.129/215/01/61 The President’s Office – TAMISEMI requested to change the position with the permission to extend the period of two months to hire employees for 77 cadre positions of Standard Technician Medical Equipment and Physiotherapy that were missing at the beginning and to change 2,674 positions to hire 1,796 employees according to the allocated salary limit.

All applicants who get a chance must follow the following instructions:-

  • i) To report in the assigned work centers within fourteen (14) days from the date of this announcement. In addition, applicants who fail to report to the job centers within fourteen (14) days will have their positions filled by other applicants as soon as possible.
  • ii) Presenting Original Certificates of Form Four, Six, University, NACTE and original registration certificates of academic councils for verification by the employer before being given a letter of employment.
  • iii) Applicants who have found employment opportunities who will report without having Original Certificates of Form Four, Form Six, University, NACTE and original registration certificates of academic councils will not be accepted.
  • iv) Applicants who got employment opportunities are informed that there will be no opportunity to change the work centers they were assigned.

All applicants whose names did not appear in this announcement, should realize that they did not get a chance, so do not hesitate to apply again when the job vacancies are announced.
All the Directors of Local Government Authorities are directed to receive them, check their certificates and give them an induction course (Induction Course) before assigning them work stations.
The list of names of applicants assigned to work centers is available through the OR-TAMISEMI website


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