Kuitwa Kwenye Usaili TFS Call for Interview Tanzania Forest Services PDF

ORODHA YA Walioitwa kwenye Usaili TFS Call for Interview Tanzania Forest Services

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The Chief Conservator of the Saohill Tree Farm on behalf of the Commissioner of Conservation, Tanzania Forestry Services Agency TFS, would like to inform all applicants who applied for jobs that the interview is expected to be conducted from September 14, 2023, and finally provide contract jobs to the job applicants who will have passed the interview.

TFS Call for Interview Tanzania Forest Services

The interviewees who are called for the interview should follow the following instructions

  • Interviews will be held starting on September 14 as shown in this announcement; The time and place where this interview will take place is specified for each Cadre.
  • Every Respondent should have an Identification Card, Citizenship, Voter ID, License or passport.
  • The interviewees are required to present their original certificates, starting from the birth certificate, Form IV, VI, Diploma, diploma or degree depending on the applicant’s qualifications.
  • Testimonials, Result slips will not be accepted.
  • Each respondent will pay for food, travel and accommodation;
  • Job applicants whose resumes did not appear in this advertisement should realize that they do not meet the criteria, so do not hesitate to apply again when the job vacancies are announced and comply with the requirements of the advertisement.

About TFS Tanzania Forest Services

The Tanzania Forest Services (TFS) Agency is a semi-autonomous Government Agency established through Government Notice No. 269 of 30th July, 2010 under Executive Agency Act (Cap. 245) as amended from time to time. The Agency implements the National Forest and Beekeeping Policy of 1998 and the Forest Act (Cap 323 R.E of 2002) and Beekeeping Act Cap 224 R.E of 2002 which provide the legal framework for the management of forests and bee resources.

The agency is among four units forming the Wildlife and Forest Conservation Service established by the Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) (No. 2)) Act, 2020. The Headquarters is located in Dar es Salaam at Mpingo House, lvory Room premises along Nyerere Road.

TFS operates in seven zones as follows: Eastern zone (Kibaha in Pwani Region), Southern zone (Masasi District in Mtwara Region), Southern Highlands zone (Mbeya City in Mbeya Region), Northern zone (Same District in Kilimanjaro Region), Western zone (Tabora Municipal in Tabora Region), Lake zone (Mwanza City in Mwanza Region) and Central zone (Dodoma City in Dodoma Region). All operational matters of the Agency are handled at the Zones, while the Headquarters deals with strategic management issues.

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