Kuitwa Kwenye Usaili TRA Call for Oral Interview Pdf Check Out

Kuitwa Kwenye Usaili TRA Call for Oral Interview Pdf Check Out

Are you looking for Kuitwa Kwenye Usaili TRA Call for Oral Interview Pdf Check Out waliofaulu mtihani wa
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The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) would like to inform job applicants who passed the selection test and were selected (SELECTED) for the Practical and Oral Interview (Practical and Oral Interview) is expected to take place from October 29, 2023 to November 2, 2023 and finally hire those who pass the interview. The interviewees who are called for the interview should follow the following instructions:-

Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA)

Each Interviewee should have identification for identification; acceptable identifications include:- National ID, Zanzibari Resident ID, Voter’s ID, Passport or Driver’s License;

Interviewees are required to come with their original certificates, starting from Birth certificate, Form IV, VI, Diploma, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Degree and continue depending on the applicant’s qualifications;

Interviewees who submit “Testimonials”, “Provisional Results”, “Statement of results”, Form IV and Form VI result slips WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE WITH THE INTERVIEW;

Each interviewee will pay for food, travel and accommodation;

Each interviewee should consider the date and place he was scheduled to interview according to the relevant schedule and the arrival time is one o’clock in the morning;

For applicants who studied outside Tanzania, make sure their Certificates have been reviewed and approved by the relevant authorities (such as TCU, NACTE or NECTA);

TRA Call for Oral Interview

Job applicants whose numbers were not selected for the next stage should note that they did not meet the criteria. Therefore, do not hesitate to apply again when the job vacancies are announced and comply with the requirements of the relevant announcement.

The Kuitwa Kwenye Usaili TRA Call for Oral Interview Pdf Check Out

For cadres who are required to be registered with their Professional Boards, they should bring their Original Registration Certificates along with their (active) Work Licenses.

All interviewees called to the interview should make sure they log into their accounts and copy the test number as those numbers will not be given on the day of the interview. The results and interview schedule are available through the TRA website


About: Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) was established under the Tanzania Revenue Authority Act No.11 0f 1995.  The Authority is a semi-autonomous agency of the Government responsible for the administration of the Central Government taxes as well as several non-tax revenues. TRA is currently implementing the Sixth Corporate Plan (CP6: 2022/23 – 2026/27) with the Vision of “A Trusted Revenue Administration for Socio-economic Development” and the Mission of “We Make It Easy to Pay Tax and Enhance Compliance for Sustainable Development”. 

In the previous Job Vacancies TRA would like to recruit qualified, dynamic and ethical personnel to fill positions in the Domestic Revenue, Customs and Excise, Human Resource and Administration, Information and Communication Technology, Board Secretariat and Legal Services, Procurement and Logistics, Research, Policy and Planning, Finance, Internal Audit, internal Affairs and Risk and Compliance Department.


For more information, visit TRA offices near you or use the following contacts:


Freephone numbers : 0800-780 078 or 0800-750 075 or 0800-110 016

WhatsApp: 0744 23 33 33

Email: or

“Together We Build Our Nation”

Issued by;

Department of Human Resource Management and Administration

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