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Nafasi za kazi Korogwe Town Council, Shirika La THPS- 36 Various ‘Posts’

Nafasi za kazi Korogwe Town Council, Shirika La THPS- 36 Various 'Posts'

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Korogwe Town Council in Collaboration with Tanzania Health Promotion Support (THPS) will implement PEI)FAR / CDC supported AFYA HATIJA (Sustain Treatment, Enrolment and HIV Prevention- STEP) project in Korogwe TC aiming to deliver client cantered, comprehensive facility and community-based HIV prevention, care, and treatment services for population served by this District hence contribute to the country’s HIV epidemic control.

Korogwe Town Council

The Korogwe TC is currently seeking highly experienced, committed and _motivated Tanzanians to fill in vacant positions for AFYA HAT UA project as shown below.

l. Position title:ART Nurse (4Positions)
2. Position title:CTC Clinician (3Positions)
3. Position title:Community HIV Tester (3 Positions)
4. Position title:District Data Officer. (l Position)
5. Position title:Data Officers. (7 Positions)
6. Position title Laboratory Technicians. (3 Positions)
7. Position title:Pharmaceutical Technicians. (l Position)
8. Position title:Clinical trackers. (4 Positions)
9. Position title:Facility HIV Testers. (4 Positions)
10. Position title: ITC Medical Attendants (6 Positions)


Shirika La THPS

How to apply:

Interested applicants should send an email to copying or submit your application to Town Director’s office, P. BOX 615 Korogwe. Kindly attach application cover letter (one page maximum), Curriculum Vitae (four pages maximum) and comes of your relevant certificates. The subject of the email should be the position being applied for (e.g. Data Officer Job Application for Korogwe TC). The deadline is 29 th October 2023. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, The Korogwe TC is an equal opportunity employer; women, people living with HIV/AIDS and people living with disability are encouraged to apply.

The “Nafasi za kazi Korogwe Town Council Shirika La THPS” PDF FILE


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