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Nafasi za kazi Ngara District Council Jobs/ Vacancies

Nafasi za kazi Ngara District Council Jobs/ Vacancies Apply Now

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The Executive Director of the Ngara District Council after receiving the Employment Permit with Ref.No.FA.170/368/01’C’/96 dated August 22, 2023;

Nafasi za kazi Ngara District Council Jobs/ Vacancies

Wilaya ya Ngara announces a job vacancy for all qualified Tanzanians to be employed in the Village Executive Cadre Level III as follows:-

1. Number โ€” Position 2.

Qualifications for employment – The applicant should be:-

  • a) Having education of Form Four (K.IV) or Six (K.VI)
  • b) Graduate of Diploma/Certificate Studies in one of the fields of Administration, Law, Social Education, Financial Management, Social Development, Planning and Arts Science from the Local Government College, Hombolo, Dodoma or any College recognized by Government.


Tasks to be performed โ€” The applicant who will be successful / who will meet the criteria and be employed will perform the following tasks:-

  • a) Affairs Officer and Chief Executive of the Village Government.
  • b) Managing the Protection and Security of citizens and their Property; and become a Peacekeeper and Good Governance Manager in the Village.
  • c) Coordinating and Supervising the planning of the implementation of Village Development Plans.
  • d) Secretary of all Village Council Meetings/Sessions and Committees
  • e) Interpreting and Managing Policies, Rules, Procedures and Laws of the State.
  • f) To prepare information on the implementation of work in his area and to motivate citizens in preparing and implementing strategies to eliminate hunger, poverty and increase wealth production as well as personal income
  • g) Leader of the Heads of Professional Units in the Village.
  • h) Manage, collect and store all records and Village Documents.
  • i) Chairman of the Session of Experts present in the Village.
  •   j) Receiving, hearing and resolving Citizens’ complaints and disputes.
  • k) Supervising the drafting of Village Bylaws. I) He will be responsible to the Ward Executive.
  • m) He should be no more than 18-45 years old.

4. Salary ( Mishahara) โ€” The level of salary and wages will be.’TGS/B/. You can also, read more about new Mishahara Salary Scale in Tanzania

The general important things that the applicant should consider are. 

  • (a) Must be a Tanzanian Me/She with sound mind
  • (b) The applicant’s letters should be attached along with Photocopies of certificates of profession, skills, birth and two (2) (Passport size) recent color photographs Copy of National ID (NIDA)/ NIDA Number without forgetting self-sufficient personal information (CV) showing the full addresses of three (3) Guarantors. The Applicant’s phone number is important and should be written in the Job application letter under his address.
  • (c) Applicants who studied abroad should attach proof of their Certificates from the National Examinations Council (NECTA).
  • (d) He has never been convicted of a Criminal offence.
  • (e) He should never have been demoted/dismissed from the Government job.
  •  (f) All applications should be sent to the following address: Executive Director,
  • Ngara District Council, S.L.P. 30, NGARA.

The deadline for receiving applications is 09/10/2023 at 9:30 in the afternoon.

Ajira Mpya Ngara



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