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Senior Legal Officer Jobs at SF Group of Company

Senior Legal Officer Jobs at SF Group of Company nafasi za kazi

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Senior Legal Officer Jobs at SF Group of Company Is an investment company based in Tanzania that was established in 2007 with the intention of securing lucrative business and investment opportunities within Sub-Sahara Africa. We believe in a holistic approach in terms of client management, offering unique and creative solutions, products and services that are in line with market standards and end-user expectations.

We are headquartered in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania but manage different business units across sub-Sahara Africa. Currently the Group manages over 15 subsidiary companies in various industries and business sectors, in different regions and countries.

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Position Title Senior Legal Officer
Reports To Director of Legal
Job Location Dar Es Salaam 
Commencement 01st November. 2023


  • Legal Advice and Counsel: Provide expert legal advice and guidance to senior management, executives, and other departments within the organization. Interpret laws, regulations, and legal documents to ensure compliance and minimize legal risks.
  • Contract Management: Draft, review, and negotiate a wide range of contracts, agreements, and legal documents. Ensure that contracts are legally sound, protect the organization’s interests, and mitigate potential risks.
  • Compliance and Risk Management: Develop and implement compliance programs to ensure adherence to legal and regulatory requirements. Identify potential risks and propose strategies to mitigate them. Conduct internal audits and investigations as necessary.
  • Dispute Resolution: Manage legal disputes, including litigation and alternative dispute resolution processes. Work closely with external legal counsel to represent the organization’s interests and achieve favorable outcomes.
  • Policy Development: Develop and update internal policies and procedures to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory changes. Communicate policy updates to relevant stakeholders and provide training on legal matters to employees when necessary.
  • Corporate Governance: Ensure compliance with corporate governance principles and practices. Assist in the preparation of board meetings, resolutions, and corporate filings. Advise on matters related to corporate structure, governance, and shareholder rights.
  • Intellectual Property: Protect the organization’s intellectual property rights by managing trademark, copyright, and patent registrations. Conduct intellectual property searches and provide guidance on infringement issues.
  • Legal Research and Analysis: Stay updated on relevant legal developments, trends, and best practices. Conduct legal research and analysis to support decision-making and provide guidance on complex legal issues.



  • Education: Bachelor of Laws (LLB) / School of Law – Advocate
  • Experience: Significant experience practicing law, preferably in a corporate or commercial setting. Prior experience in a senior legal role or as in-house counsel is highly desirable, two years and above working experience. 
  • Legal Expertise: In-depth knowledge of relevant laws, regulations, and legal principles. Strong understanding of corporate, contract, employment, and commercial law.
  • Analytical Skills: Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities to identify legal issues, assess risks, and propose practical solutions.
  • Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively convey complex legal concepts to non-legal professionals. Ability to draft clear and concise legal documents.
  • Leadership and Collaboration: Demonstrated leadership skills to manage a legal team or collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams. Ability to build relationships and work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ethical Standards: High ethical standards and professional integrity. Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information appropriately.

Deadline of Application: 15th October. 2023

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