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Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA): Head, Policy, Regulatory and Legal Affairs Department

Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA): Head, Policy, Regulatory and Legal Affairs Department

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a) Description of the Post
The TCRA Head Policy Regulatory and Legal Affairs Department Reporting directly to the Secretary General, the successful applicant will be responsible for the general supervision of the Policy, Regulatory and Legal Affairs Department that is mandated with the provision of legal services, policy and regulatory support to the General Secretariat, other bodies of the Union and Member States. The Department also implements the elements of the Union’s Strategy that relate to postal policy, regulatory and legal areas.

b) Principal Accountabilities
1. Supervision of Department.

  • Manages the Department in the attainment of the strategic objectives of the Union relating to postal policy, regulatory and legal matters;
  • Oversees the implementation of decisions, resolutions and recommendations of the Plenipotentiary Conference and the Council of Administration;
  • Proposes and updates a Work Plan that best meets the needs of Member States and the Administrative Council, and identifies funding options;
  • Ensures continuous legal watch on the Union’s activities, while keeping abreast of national and international policy and regulatory developments
  • Monitors internal, adherence to set laws, policies, procedures, limits and good corporate practice.

2. Legal Services and Contract Management.

  • Ensures due attendance to general legal matters and specific questions submitted by the Bureau, Bodies and Departments of the Union in connection with the Union’s structure, functions and activities;
  • Ensures provision of legal advice, opinions and the interpretation of legal instruments: Constitution and Convention and Detailed Regulations of the Union, as well as other treaties and agreements, regulations, resolutions etc, as necessary, to the General Secretariat, PAPU bodies and Member States at Conferences and Union meetings;
  • Leads in negotiating, preparation and/or reviewing of contracts, cooperation and partnership agreements, including MOUs and project documents and advises on bilateral and multilateral relations
  • Oversees the drafting, preparation and updating of the Acts and Regulations of the Union:
  • proposed reviews, amendments, updates, to the Convention following Plenipotentiary Conference meetings.
  • Advises the General Secretariat on labour laws, contracts, agreements, policy issues and on development of the Acts of the Union;
  • Ensures safe keeping of documentary resources, contracts, MOUs, Agreements;
  • Facilitates the implementation and monitoring of MOUs, agreements e.g. the Joint Venture Agreement for the new PAPU House.


3. Development and Harmonization of Acts, Policies and Regulations

  • Coordinates studies and market analyses by Department and makes recommendations on the rules, policy changes and position on the following, among others;
  • Universal Service Provision/Obligations/Funding
  • Postal regulatory reforms
  • Postal models and treatment of Extra Territorial Offices of Exchange and IMPCs
  • Designation of Government entities, Regulators and Designated Operators.
  • Carries out research and analyses for digital transformation policy, governance and strategy;
  • Monitors the implementation of Regional Development Plan for Africa and the African Postal Guidelines for the reform and regulation of the postal sector;
  • Ensures harmonization of Rules of Procedure for the Bodies of the Union
  • Develops draft policy and legal framework for regulating the postal sector, including Delivery Logistics, Digital Postal Financial Services; E-services, E-Commerce and E-Government Services; Consumer protection
  • Set standards and goals for quality of service expected from operators and introduce systems for assessment of performance and measurement of service quality;

4. International Law and Acts of the Union

  • Coordinates the legal advice on accession, admission and withdrawal of PAPU member countries, updating the list relating to the situation of Members, procedures applicable to adoption of the Convention, ratification of the Acts, notifications.
  • Depository function for instruments of ratification/acceptance/approval of the Acts of the Union and overseeing the ratification of the Acts of the Union;
  • Seeks for and provides substantive and procedural legal advice to PAPU bodies and PAPU Member States on the Acts of the Union and rules of procedure applicable to the PAPU bodies.
  • Handling tasks related to Union Membership and updating the situation of Member States;

5. Coordination of the work of the Union with other international organizations,

  • Establishes contacts with counterparts at governments and regulators of Member States, Restricted Unions and other organizations with a view to proposing actions that best address their needs;
  • Monitoring reform activities at the level of the UPU and initiates programs for Africa;
  • Participates in the setting of the African Postal Strategy and priorities for consideration in the World Postal Strategy;
  • Leads in organizing the African Postal Regulators Forum
  • Represents the Union at external conferences and meetings, in accordance with guidance and approval received.

6. Secretarial Functions at Meetings

  • Perform Secretariat functions to the Policy and Regulation Committee of the PAPU Administrative Council;
  • Coordinating the Secretariat of the Working Groups, Task forces and Adhoc Focus Teams under the Policy and Regulation Committee;
  • Represents the Department at internal meetings, boards or committees.

c) Qualifications and Experience
i) Education and Experience

  • Must have a minimum of an Advanced University Masters’ Degree (or Equivalent); or a First Level University Bachelors’ Degree (or equivalent) in the field of Law/Business/Economics/Finance; or
  • With a Master’ Degree (or equivalent), a minimum 10 years’ relevant experience; with a Bachelor degree (or equivalent), a minimum 12 years’ relevant experience; in public sector policy, postal administration, regulatory or legal fields of which 5 years must have been at a Management level as at the time of recruitment.

i) Knowledge and Skills

  • Computer skills and knowledge of packages i.e. E-mail, internet, social platforms
  • Good record keeping and experience in documentation
  • Ability to identify priority activities and assignments
  • External environment orientation and international affairs environment
  • Excellent command of English or French language, both spoken and written.

ii) Core Competences

  • Strong sense of rigour
  • Good interpersonal skills and flair laced with flexible and mature disposition
  • Strong analytical and negotiation skills
  • Trouble shooting, creative problem solving, tact, diplomacy, courteous, and mature
  • Ability to handle assignments comprehensively, effectively and confidentially
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, demonstrated ability to take initiative and work independently and collaboratively as a team player and with flexibility to fit in a dynamic environment
  • Credibility, good judgment, honesty and integrity in line with the core values of the Union
  • Excellent analysis, drafting, report presentation and influence skills
  • Stakeholder engagement.


The following conditions of service based on the current Staff Rules and Regulations will apply:

1) Basic Salary

Grade P4 US$ 35,046 per annum.
2) Dependency Allowance
US$ 1,752.30 per annum for unremunerated spouse
US$ 200 per annum for eligible dependent child who is not up to 21 years up to maximum of four (4) children.

3) Education allowance.

US$ 5,000 per annum and per each eligible child attending a regular school and less than 23 years old for staff recruited from outside the host country of the Union. Staff recruited from the host country are paid 40% of what is paid to those recruited from outside the host country.

5) Post Adjustment Allowance.

Payable to internationally recruited staff, based on the rate applicable to the City of Arusha United Republic of Tanzania, as advised by the African Union from time to time. The present rate is 42% equivalent to USD 14,719.32 per annum.

6) Housing Allowance.

USD 13,824 per annum (currently applicable to internationally recruited staff only). Staff recruited from the host country are paid in line with the African Union regulations for staff recruited from the host country.

7) Installation Allowance.

Daily subsistence allowance is payable for a maximum period of 5 days for a candidate appointed from outside the seat of the Union.

8) Medical Scheme.

80% of the cost of medical expenses for successful staff and eligible dependents will be borne by the Union.

9) Life Insurance Scheme
Group Life Insurance is provided at the cost of the Union

10) Annual Leave
28 working days for each year of completed service.

11) Traveling costs.

The Pan African Postal Union pays or reimburses traveling costs for the staff member as well as for his/`her spouse and eligible dependent children from the capital city of his country or any other city with international airport to Arusha, Tanzania, when reporting to take up the position. Likewise, in case of termination of service, for the return trip to the country of origin.

12) Salaries and other emoluments paid by the Union to non-Tanzanians are exempted from Income Tax in the United Republic of Tanzania.

Work Hours 8
Experience in Months 144
Level of Education Bachelor Degree

Job application procedure
TCRA Head Policy Regulatory and Legal Affairs Department Details on duties, responsibilities and qualifications may be accessed on the PAPU’s website:

Issued by:
Director General,
Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority,
Mawasiliano Towers,
20 Sam Nujoma Road, P.O Box 474,


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