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Airtel Tanzania: Business Support Executive Jobs Vacancies

Airtel Tanzania: Business Support Executive Jobs Vacancies Apply

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Role Purpose

Airtel Tanzania PLC wishes to recruit for an Airtel Money Business Support Coordinator under Airtel Money Department.

The role reports directly to the Airtel Money Operations Manager in Airtel Money Department. He/She will be responsible Responsible for integrating third party businesses with Airtel Money platform to increase customer usage of Airtel Money as well as boost direct revenues through C2B and B2C.

The Incumbent must have strong IT and Business experience to Support product development and IT changes by aligning with business requirements to deliver the requirements with Local and Central IT Team.

The Role Holder duties will include but not limited to:


1.Business Integration Documentation.

  • Ensure all business integration requests have proper KYC requirements as per regulations. Vet all businesses submitted for integration.
  • Raise and sign-off change request (CR) for all business integration requests. Ensure key stakeholders sign-off integration requests before integration.
  • Ensure business submitted for integration have approved tariffs PCN else fresh PCN has to be raised and approved by group before integration.
  • Sign-off User Acceptance Tests (UATs) for every business before going live.
  • Sign-off UAT after go live along with sanity tests.

2. Platform preparation for integrations;

  • Perform necessary configurations in Airtel Money test platform to accommodate the on boarded business.
  • Perform necessary configurations (grades, wallets opening and mapping etc) in Airtel Money platform for business go live.

3.Business Integrations ;

  • Coordinate and align stakeholders, IT, partner and Network team for the integration process
  • Ensure businesses are timely integrated.

4.User Acceptance Tests – UAT;

  • Perform User Acceptance Tests (UATs) before go live on Airtel Money test platform
  • Perform User Acceptance Tests after business integration go live.
  • Perform Airtel Money platform sanity tests after every business go live
  • Monitor the platform after every business go live
  • Support enhancements testing.

5.Airtel Money Security and Business Continuity;

  • Ensure security of the AM applications and systems
  • Ensure AM systems and services are secured – physically and logically.
  • Religiously ensure backups daily and regular restore tests
  • Establish solid business continuity plan, well tested and documented with drills
  • Ensure AM audits done on time and score above 90% compliance.

6.Business support;

  • General support to integrated businesses.


  • Business integration tracker with clear status of each business to be shared for review on weekly basis.

Academic and Qualifications and Experience;

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and any other Related Field
  • 2 years relevant experience in IT from Mobile Financial Services or Telecoms
  • Very Good experience with Business Integration
  • Good Experience with Data Base (SQL)
  • Mobile Money product experience.

Competencies and Behavior required;

  • Able to operate in a performance driven organization
  • Good organizational and team work skills
  • Self-motivated, enthusiastic, energetic
  • Attention to detail
  • Confident, assertive with good negotiation skills
  • Excellent time Management Skills
  • Customer-centric.
Work Hours 8
Experience in Months 24
Level of Education Bachelor Degree

Job application procedure.

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