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Data Governance Lead Jobs at NBC Bank, (November 2023)

Data Governance Lead Jobs at NBC Bank, (November 2023) Apply

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If you are a Tanzanian or currently based in Tanzania and seeking employment opportunities, consider applying for positions available at NBC Bank Recruitment.

NBC is the oldest serving bank in Tanzania with over five decades of experience. We offer a range of retail, business, corporate and investment banking, wealth management products and services.

Job Summary

As a Data Governance Lead, this role will play a pivotal role in ensuring that NBC organization’s data assets are effectively managed, governed, and leveraged to drive informed decision-making, regulatory compliance, and overall data quality. Role will be responsible for developing and implementing data governance strategies, policies, and standards while collaborating with cross-functional teams to establish a culture of data stewardship and accountability.

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Released today November 23, 2023

Job Description​

Key accountabilities

  1. Data Management across multiple systems and business units (i.e., removing duplicates, standardizing data, and incorporating rules to eliminate incorrect data from entering the system).
  2. Collaborate with IT and data owners to create, validate, and maintain data quality.
  3. Create and maintain documentation for data standards (master data, reference data, data quality, and integration rules).
  4. Work closely with business units and stakeholders in identifying data-related opportunities.
  5. Develop data quality reports to monitor the health of the enterprises’ data.
  6. Identify and lead data quality improvement initiatives.
  7. Independently develop queries to extract, manipulate and/or calculate information to fulfil data reporting requirements.
  8. Create and produce reports utilizing our data warehouse and summarize your findings through automated visualizations on organizations data health.
  9. Synthesize complex data/analyses into clear reports and visualizations that tell the story in a meaningful way as well as make insightful recommendations on data quality improvements.
  10. Ensure accuracy and integrity of the banks data.
  11. In collaboration with data working work group, define and execute overall data management strategy including data: governance, security, collection, transformation, modelling, quality, and knowledge management processes.
  12. Develop and maintain consultative and collaborative relationships with key data owners.
  13. Review existing data and operational systems in relation to future needs and benefits, and recommend improvements to meet Banks informational and decision support needs, develop/implement improvement roadmaps and train users
  14. Provide support for prioritization, project oversight and mentorship on large-scale data-related or data-intensive initiatives and measure and monitor benefits realization of those initiatives.
  15. Coordinate with IT and operational counterparts to lead data driven projects involving timelines, vendor relationships, and budgets to ensure projects are delivered with the highest quality and within specified timeframes.
  16. Develop and design presentations, reports, and other deliverables and summarize findings to key data stakeholders and executive leadership, communicating with both technical and non-technical team members.
  17. Develop baseline technology standards, tools platforms and processes in support of the overall data strategy. 


Bachelor`s Degrees and Advanced Diplomas – Computer and Information Science, Business Analysis, Commercial mindset – Senior, Digital affinity, Experience in a similar environment at management level, Interpersonal effectiveness, Leading people – Leadership level, Leading with influence, Management Experience, Management information systems, Reasoning, Risk Management

Data Governance Lead Jobs at NBC Bank (November 2023) Apply for this job


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