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Finance and Compliance Associate Jobs at Recroot Africa

Finance and Compliance Associate Jobs at Recroot Africa Apply

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If you are a Tanzanian or currently based in Tanzania and seeking employment opportunities, consider applying for positions available at Recroot Africa.

About the Recroot Africa

Recroot Africa is a demand-led, digital-first talent platform that is on a mission to empower businesses and executives with the knowledge and perspectives needed to solve complex challenges, make informed decisions and stay ahead of market trends – all with “People” in mind. We do things a little differently at Recroot Africa, and we work with our clients to design the future of their organization with us, with our solutions designed exclusively for the employee lifecycle. We believe people sit at the heart of the organization, and our recruitment process reflects no less.

About the Client

Our Client is the foremost trusted partner in wealth creation and financial security for their clients, setting the standard for excellence in fund management services in Tanzania and beyond. They aspire to foster a prosperous future by delivering consistent, sustainable returns on investments while upholding the highest ethical standards.

Their mission is to provide tailored and innovative investment solutions that empower clients to achieve their financial goals and secure their futures.

They are dedicated to delivering superior performance through meticulous research, prudent risk management, and a deep understanding of local and global markets. You will be joining as one of the first employees of the team, so the approach and attitude with a start-up mindset is critical.

Finance Position Summary

The Compliance and Finance Associate will support the company’s efforts in ensuring compliance with financial regulations, internal policies, and industry standards within the capital market and securities sector. This entry-level position is ideal for a detail-oriented and motivated individual who is eager to learn about financial compliance in capital marketing and securities.


The Junior Compliance and Finance Associate will work closely with senior personnel members to assist in monitoring financial and investment activities, conducting compliance assessments, contributing to the smooth experience of customers to invest via our client, and implementation of compliance measures to uphold the company’s integrity and legal standing.

Finance Job Description

  • Compliance and KYC:Ensure that customer accounts and investments meet all regulatory compliance and KYC requirements.Collaborate with compliance officers  to conduct thorough KYC checks and risk assessments.
  • Maintain records of customer compliance documentation.
  • Investment Process Tracking:Assist in monitoring and tracking the customer investment process, including depositing funds and selecting investment options, with the senior account manager.Oversight of the daily operations of the firm, encompassing trade settlements, reconciliations, and the maintenance of smooth operational processes.
  • Monitoring the portfolio for potential risks and proposing necessary adjustments.
  • Withdrawal Tracking:Monitor and facilitate customer requests for withdrawal, ensuring all compliance and regulatory requirements are met.
  • Maintain records of withdrawal requests and their status.
  • Data Management and Reporting:Create client accounts and verify with all KYC on the systemMaintain organized records of customer interactions and investment activities.
  • Assist in generating reports related to customer onboarding, compliance checks, and investment tracking.
  • Regulatory Compliance:Developing and implementing risk assessment and mitigation strategies aligned with the RegulatorAssist in staying informed about financial laws, regulations, and industry standards and keeping the firm up-to-date with changing financial regulations.
  • Support senior    associates            in           monitoring          and analyzing             changes in           financial regulations.Help ensure the company’s operations comply with financial laws and regulations.
  • Participate in the development and maintenance of  compliance policies  and procedures.
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis:

● Management of the firm’s financial statements, budgeting, and tax compliance in the absence of a senior Financial Expert.

  • Risk Assessment, Mitigation and Audit:
  • Collaborate with seniors and CEO to identify potential compliance and financial risks.
  • Provide support in developing and implementing risk assessment strategies.
  • Assist in monitoring internal controls and reporting areas for improvement.
  • Work closely with CEO to address compliance issues and provide assistance.
  • Participate in training sessions and educational programs for employees on compliance policies and procedures.
  • Assist in internal and external audits by preparing necessary documentation and reports.
  • Learn and understand the audit process and compliance requirements.
  • Maintain and organize records of compliance activities, reports, and policies. Assist in the preparation and submission of regulatory reports as required.

Candidates Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, or a related field.
  • Basic understanding of financial regulations and a willingness to learn about compliance standards within the capital market and securities sector.
  • Strong attention to detail and analytical skills.Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.Excellent organizational and documentation skills.
  • Attention to detail and ability to manage customer information securely and accurately.
  • Familiarity with financial software and tools for transaction tracking and reconciliation is a plus.
  • Eagerness to learn and adapt to evolving regulations and industry practices.
  • Ability to work in a start-up and openness to learn like a first employee!

Finance and Compliance Associate Jobs at Recroot Africa If you are interested in this position, please visit the Recroot Africa website to fill out the application form.

Recroot Africa is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply.


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