Kikosi cha Simba Vs Yanga: Kariakoo Derby, NBC Premier League Leo November 05, 2023

Kikosi cha Simba Vs Yanga: Kariakoo Derby, NBC Premier League Leo November 05, 2023

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Two prides do not stay in the same stable. This Sunday will be witnessed a game of cutting with an ax between the rivals of Dar es Salaam, Simba and Yanga, in the game of the Tanzania Mainland Premier League or NBC Premier League.

Kikosi cha Simba Vs Yanga

Kikosi cha Simba Vs Yanga Kariakoo Derby Leo November 2023

This game comes in an environment that wants to be similar to the environment of their first round game last season which found the two teams at the top in terms of points with Simba having the advantage of goals. At that time they were in the African competition.

This time they meet Yanga at the top of the league standings with the goal difference. As was the case last season, these teams are in the African competition, but this time they are in the group stage of the African Champions League, which will increase the excitement as it is the first time they are meeting at the highest levels internationally.

Kikosi cha Simba Vs Yanga: Kariakoo Derby, NBC Premier League Leo November 05, 2023

  • Ally Salim
  • Shomari Kapombe
  • Mohammed Hussein
  • Che Malone
  • Kennedy Juma
  • Kanoute
  • Chama
  • Mzamiru Yassin
  • Said Ntibazonkiza
  • John Bocco
  • Micquissone.


Kikosi cha Simba Vs Yanga: Towards our NBC Premier League game against Yanga that will be played on Sunday at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium, today we have encouraged and congratulated ourselves by eating biryani from our fellow Mwanahasa Fetete.

Today’s biriani is very special for our game on Sunday against Yanga, which we have fully prepared to ensure that we win.

The enthusiasm has started from Benjamin Mkapa Stadium and around various areas of Temeke District.

The club’s Information and Communication Manager, Ahmed Ally, said that the Derby game carries the image of football in Tanzania, so fans should come out in large numbers to the field to help the team get a victory that will give them happiness.

Kariakoo Derby NBC

“The Kariakoo Derby game is the mirror of Tanzanian football, the joy of its victory lasts longer than any other match, so the Ensimbas cut tickets, let’s meet Benjamin Mkapa on Sunday to help our team win,” said Ahmed.

The right guard who is a senior player in our squad, Shomari Kapombe has said that they have got a good preparation for tomorrow’s NBC Premier League game against Yanga.

Kapombe said that the one week they got to prepare for the big game in Africa was enough and he believes we will succeed in winning.

The defender, who is one of the players who played in many Derby matches, said that when it comes to a day like tomorrow, he is not under pressure and he is trying to do well to help the team win.

Kapombe said the players are aware that the game carries the emotions of the fans so they will make sure they fight to give them happiness.

“On our part, the players are ready, we have had one week of preparation which makes us ready for tomorrow’s game.

“We know that tomorrow’s game has a lot of pressure and carries emotions for the fans and it is watched a lot, we players are prepared for everything to make sure we win and give happiness to our fans,” said Kapombe.

The head coach, Roberto Oliviera ‘Robertinho’ has made it clear that we will enter tomorrow’s Kariakoo Derby game against the traditional Yanga natives with the aim of fighting to get three points.

Robertinho has said that the goal of a big team is always to make sure it gets three points in every game and that is what we have planned to do tomorrow.

Robertinho has said that we respect Yanga, they are the best team and Derby is always unpredictable, but he has high hopes for our players and the preparation they have received.

Robertinho added that he has always believed that football should be played well and win and that is his philosophy.

“Derby match is always unpredictable. The derby is decided after 90 minutes of the game, we respect Yanga but we will enter the game with the aim of finding three points.

“I believe in my players, they have great talent and we are ready to win. I have no pressure for tomorrow’s match, it’s like other games but getting three points is our priority,” said Robertinho.

Our team has done the last training at Uwanja Mo Simba Arena to prepare for tomorrow’s Kariakoo Derby game against traditional hometown Yanga.

The players have fully participated in the training and have tried to show their ability to convince the technical bench to give them a chance.

Head Coach Roberto Oliviera ‘Robertinho’ and his assistants have overseen the training and are satisfied with the players’ standards.

We know it will be a difficult game and we respect Yanga but we are prepared to ensure that we win.

Kikosi cha Yanga vs Simba: We will update you soon as possible but you can visit official club page on instagram also websites for more details about fixtures.


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