CV ya Eric Mbangossoum, From Union Touarga Sportif to Simba SC ‘Contract Until 2025’

CV ya Eric Mbangossoum, From Union Touarga Sportif to Simba SC ‘Contract Until 2025’

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Eric Mbangossoum’s CV reflects his dedication, talent, and contributions to the sport of football. His skills on the field, both domestically and internationally, have made him a player to watch in Tanzanian football.

Name in home countryEric Mbangossoum
Date of birth/Age May 26, 2000, aged 23
Place of birth N’Djamena
Citizenship Chad
Position Midfield
Player agent ProStar
Current club Union Touarga Sportif
Contract expires 2025
Joined Simba Sports Club (Jan 2024)
Height 1, 85 m
Other position Central Midfield
Current Market Value €275k

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Eric Mbangossoum – New Simba SC Player Profile

Eric Mbangossoum is a talented football player who has recently joined Simba SC, a renowned football club. Here are some key details about Eric Mbangossoum and his profile as a new player for Simba SC:


Eric Mbangossoum is a Chadian professional footballer. He was born in N’Djamena, Chad, on May 26, 2000.


Mbangossoum is predominantly a midfielder. His versatility allows him to contribute on the field both defensively and offensively.

Transfer to Simba SC:

Simba SC has signed an agreement with Union Touarga Sportif to sign Eric Mbangossoum. This trade demonstrates the club’s appreciation for Mbangossoum’s qualities and potential.

Market Value:

Mshahara wa Eric Mbangossoum, According to the most recent data, Eric Mbangossoum’s market value is assessed to be €275k. This value indicates his football skills, performance, and potential.

Playing Style:

Ball control, passing precision, and tactical awareness are among Mbangossoum’s technical qualities. On the field, he is capable of making decisive and accurate plays.

International Experience:

Eric Mbangossoum is another Chadian international. His international experience for his country raises his overall stature as a football player.

Physical Attributes:

Mbangossoum’s physical abilities, such as speed, agility, and strength, help him perform well on the field. These characteristics allow him to perform at a high level and have a big impact on matches.

Adaptation to Simba SC:

Mbangossoum, as a new player, will attend training sessions with the team to become acquainted with their playing style and tactics. This period of adaption will help him to smoothly integrate into the squad.


Eric Mbangossoum has big hopes from Simba SC fans. They expect his skills and contributions to help the team succeed in home and international games.

Future Prospects:

Eric Mbangossoum has the talent, dedication, and support of Simba SC to make a huge impact at the club. His adventure as a new player for Simba SC is just getting started, and supporters are looking forward to seeing how he performs on the field.

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