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Fleet Manager at ZanTours :Deadline: January 30, 2024

Fleet Manager at ZanTours Deadline January 30, 2024

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If you are a Tanzanian or currently based in Tanzania and seeking employment opportunities, consider applying for positions available at ZanTours.

We are looking for a fleet manager for our vehicle fleet in Zanzibar. If you have a fleet management decree and more than 10 years experience, preferably in Africa and want to work on an Island, you might be the right person.



  1. Experience as an auto mechanic
  2. Experience in creating and establishing fleet policies and procedures, from vehicle assignment to replacement cycling, from personal use to accident reporting
  3. Experience in price, spec, and purchase or lease vehicles
  4. Understanding and track total cost of ownership (TCO)
  5. Developing strategies for fuel efficiency
  6. Maintaining detailed records of vehicle servicing and inspection.
  7. Developing strategies for greater fuel efficiency.
  8. Maintaining detailed records of vehicle servicing and inspection.
  9. Ensuring strict servicing and maintenance times to minimize downtime and maintain schedule.
  10. Monitoring drivers behavior and ensuring a high level of customer service
  11. Analyzing data to increase business operational efficiency
  12. Utilizing GPS systems to monitor drivers behavior and track vehicles in case of theft
  13. Reporting to Managing Director & Head of Finance


  1. Fleet Management decree or similar
  2. 10-15 years experience as Fleet Manager of a fleet with more than 100 vehicles – preferably in Africa
  3. Auto Mechanic decree or similar
  4. English – mother tongue
  5. other European language is advantage
  6. 10-15 years experience in team management of 30 members and more.
  7. European or American decree needed

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