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Head Of Cargo Freight Jobs at Shugulika Africa Deadline January 27, 2023

Head Of Cargo Freight Jobs at Shugulika Africa Deadline January 27, 2023

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If you are a Tanzanian or currently based in Tanzania and seeking employment opportunities, consider applying for positions available at Shugulika Africa.

Shugulika Africa

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Job Description

Job Summary;

To oversee business growth and development strategies that ensure cargo freight business profitability. This involves building and maintaining relationships with current and prospective clients, managing the existing team and embarking on various growth projects in order to keep business growth opportunities in the pipeline.


P&L Management

  1. Effective optimization of workflows, structures and resources within the business in order to maximize profitability of the business
  2. Manage suppliers and contractors by ensuring quality delivery of services within the market rates and strict adherence to approved budget
  3. Prepare and implement month-to-month focus areas on revenue generation and cost reduction initiatives to address any deviations to the budget
  4. Analyze profitability of potential businesses in order to provide profitable quotations and focus on the most valuable businesses
  5. Forecast and Manage business risks that will affect the sustainability of the business
  6. Drive better credit terms from suppliers, shipping lines e.t.c, in alignment with the existing clients payment terms to improve the liquidity of the business
  7. Ensure the import and export service lines are properly managed through SOPs and operational policies all times
  8. Clients & Stakeholders Management
  9. Strengthen business relationships and partnerships with clients, (existing and potential) and other stakeholders to enhance business performance.
  10. Ensure all stakeholders adhere to and understand contractual obligations, and intervene when there is violation of contractual agreements or regulations.
  11. Analyze clients’ business potential with the sales and marketing team, to develop better marketing, sales and relationship management strategies that will grow the business
  12. Form strategic relationships with key stakeholders of the business in order to reduce business risks and bottlenecks
  13. Maintain high level, productive and solution-focused relationships with other Heads of Department within the Group and the Board of Directors.
  14. Negotiate best business terms with shipping lines, airlines, transporters and agents.


Business Growth and Development

  1. Implement strategic and business plans to encourage business growth and utilize analytics to create action plans that are based off data and statistics, and interpret results against targets.
  2. Drive the revision of pricing matrix annually, through the sales and marketing team, in order to remain competitive in the market.
  3. Provide customers with value adding solutions that the company are venturing in the market, like rail, cold storage, cargo handling terminals, our drive e.t.c in order to grow and diversify the existing clientele.
  4. Implement strategic business plans that expand customer base and ensure a strong presence of our services across the country and other African countries
  5. Effective management of the operations in existing business projects and the upcoming transport, rail, cargo handling and other areas of the logistics supply chain

Branding and Marketing

  • Drive brand reviews from the clientele and stakeholders, to determine the business market position, propose improvements and implement product’s branding strategies that will, increase sales volume, increase the product awareness by observing the market competitors and industry trend.

Team Management

  1. Provide guidance and direction to all departments within the business to ensure they are aligned to toward the same vision, mission, values, strategic objectives and goals.
  2. Implement the KPI system across the business and conduct monthly review meeting to improve effective and efficiency.
  3. Conduct Weekly& Daily meetings to address bottlenecks within the business and ensure continuity and convergence to the company goals.
  4. Manage the existing organizational structure together with the HR team in place, including delegation of authority and advise any improvement or changes to the Group Human Resources Manager.
  5. Builds and develops team members, playing a key role in recruitment, training and development, performance management and disciplining.


HSSEQ and Other Compliance

  1. Ensuring all Quality, Health and Safety standards are met within the company as required by ISO and other authorities.
  2. Resolving all the regulatory issues, in case if required, amicably and in the most effective manner. If required, immediately seek the assistance from the group HR / attorneys.
  3. Maintaining utmost focus to the labor welfare with a view to avoid conflicts. In case of retrenchments due to business scenarios and also due to disciplinary issues, will ensure compliance with the law of the land and ensure that the company interests are not exposed.

Budgeting and Reporting

  1. Prepare and analyze the annually, semi-annually, quarterly and monthly revenue forecast and budgets
  2. Prepare and submit the monthly business performance report
  3. Analysis of workshop team and drivers productivity monthly


  1. Bachelor Degree in Economics, Business Administration or other equivalent qualifications
  2. MBA or Master’s Degree in Economics, Trading or Marketing (Desired)
  3. 10+ years of experience in management and sales of international freight forwarding services.
  4. Strong Experience in managing P&L
  5. Strong knowledge of CFS, ICDS, clearing and forwarding and supply chain.
  6. Lean Six Sigma (Green/Yellow/Black)
  7. Excellent organizational skills and ability to multitask
  8. Excellent Data Analytics and Reporting
  9. Revenue planning and growth centered
  10. Teamwork and collaboration
  11. Ability to build strong relationships with clients and industry contacts
  12. Multi-country experience in a similar role (Valued)
  13. Language: English: Fluent Swahili: Intermediate.

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