Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Online Services itax.kra.go.ke/KRA-Portal ‘Tax Registration’

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Online Services itax.kra.go.ke/KRA-Portal 'Tax Registration'

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Online Services itax.kra.go.ke/KRA-Portal ‘Tax Registration’ portal pin checker Tax agent return filling KRA mobile services Tax compliance Certificate (TCC) WHT become custom agent iTax iCMS eTIMS iBid – Customs Auction M-Service Mobile Commitment Form Tax Exemption Application Form kra status checker. Welcome to our website orodhaya.com, In This Article,!

Learn about KRA Online Services – The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) offers a range of online services to simplify tax compliance for individuals and businesses. These services cover tax registration, filing returns, making payments, and accessing tax compliance certificates.

How to Access KRA Online Services

  • To reduce congestion at KRA Tax Service Offices, taxpayers are encouraged to use online platforms to receive KRA services.
  • All domestic tax services are available at https://itax.kra.go.ke/KRA-Portal/ website, whereas customs-related services are available at the Integrated Customs Management System (iCMS).
  • To eliminate the possibility of transfer via physical handling of money, the KRA also encourages taxpayers to conduct all transactions via mobile money.
  • The Authority has also installed hand sanitizers in all Tax Service Offices and will guarantee that all facilities are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.
  • KRA remains one of the government agencies that delivers important services and will continue to serve the public while prioritizing the safety of taxpayers.

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Taxpayer Registration: Individuals and organizations can use KRA’s online portal to register for various tax duties including as income tax, VAT, and PAYE. Providing personal or business information, establishing a Personal Identification Number (PIN), and receiving a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) are all part of the registration procedure.

Filing of Returns Taxpayers can use: KRA’s online portal for filing various tax forms, such as individual and corporate income tax returns, VAT returns, and withholding tax returns. The system has an easy-to-use interface for accurately reporting income, expenses, and other tax information.

Payment Services: The KRA’s web portal allows you to pay taxes, fines, and other fees electronically. Taxpayers can pay using mobile money, bank transfers, or other electronic payment methods. The technology provides safe payment processing as well as fast payment status updates.

Tax Compliance Certificates (TCC) Through KRA’s online services: Taxpayers are able to apply for and get Tax Compliance Certificates. These certificates are required for tendering processes, business registration, and other regulatory compliance. For qualifying taxpayers, the online application method simplifies TCC issuance.

Customs Services: Importers and exporters can use KRA’s online customs services, which include cargo tracking, customs clearing, a tariff calculator, and electronic cargo manifests. These services improve the efficiency and transparency of global commerce activities.

Taxpayer Education and Support: The KRA’s online portal offers taxpayer education resources including as manuals, FAQs, and interactive tools. To improve their awareness of tax matters, taxpayers can gain access to information on tax laws, compliance requirements, and procedural standards.

Resolution of Tax Disputes The web platform contains features for starting tax dispute settlement processes. Taxpayers can online submit disputes, appeals, and objections, speeding the resolution of tax-related disagreements using the KRA’s defined procedures.

Tax Compliance Monitoring: Taxpayers can use KRA’s online services to check their tax compliance status, view outstanding liabilities, and follow the status of submitted returns and payments. This function enables taxpayers to maintain proactive tax compliance.

Tax Refunds: Eligible taxpayers can apply for tax refunds and check the status of their refund applications through the KRA’s online portal. The method makes it easier to collect and distribute refunds for unpaid or excess taxes.


E-Receipting KRA’s e-receipting system: allows businesses to issue and manage electronic receipts for transactions. This online tool improves openness, accountability, and compliance with revenue recording tax rules.

Online Tax Calculators: Tax calculators for numerous tax kinds are available on the web platform, allowing taxpayers to estimate their tax bills, deductions, and entitlements. These calculators offer useful information for tax planning and compliance.

Tax Compliance: Checks Taxpayers can use the KRA’s online tools to undertake self-assessments and compliance inspections. These checks assist individuals and organizations in assessing their compliance with tax regulations and identifying any areas that require corrective action.

Online Helpdesk: The KRA’s online helpdesk allows taxpayers to seek assistance, submit questions, and receive assistance with tax concerns. The helpdesk allows KRA’s customer care team to respond quickly and provide advise.

Tax Data Management: KRA’s online services offer tax data management features such as changing personal or business information, viewing historical tax records, and creating appropriate reports for compliance and decision-making.

Mobile Services: KRA provides mobile applications and services to improve taxpayer accessibility and convenience. These mobile solutions enable quick access to crucial tax functions and information.

Online Training and Workshops: KRA offers online training programs and workshops to taxpayers to educate them on a variety of tax topics, regulatory updates, and compliance best practices. These online classes help taxpayers stay informed and compliant.

Integration with Third-Party Systems: KRA’s online services include third-party system integration, allowing for smooth data sharing and collaboration with tax consultants, accounting software, and other corporate systems for efficient tax management.

Security and Data Privacy: Security measures are prioritized in KRA’s online services to protect taxpayer data and transactions. To protect users’ sensitive information, the platform complies to industry standards for data privacy, encryption, and secure authentication.


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