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Library Jobs Description: Any Company

Library Jobs Description Any Company

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A library assistant is someone who works at a public library, such as the Middletown Free Public Library, where I started in January 2015.

In that library, the person who works as a library assistant is referred to as an assistant.

A library assistant assists librarians with library checkouts and book shelving.


They also answer computer questions for users, referring them to specific websites or applications and assisting them in connecting to the library’s databases.

A library assistant is frequently the first person clients meet when they enter the building.

To become a library assistant, one must first complete a library assistant training course.

Job Brief

We are searching for Library Assistants to assist us with a range of activities such as shelving books, checking out items, and assisting users in finding the materials they require.

Library Assistant Duties

  1. Assist patrons with research queries and referrals.
  2. Accept, process, and store all supplied materials.
  3. Maintain a clean and well-organized library.
  4. Maintain library facility security.
  5. Maintain accurate records of material stock and usage.
  6. Provide logistical assistance

Library Assistant Responsibilities

  1. Answers phones, sorts mail, sorts library materials, and assists patrons in using library services as part of ordinary clerical activities.
  2. Answers information inquiries from patrons and recommends them to appropriate literature, utilizing a range of resources.
  3. Assists patrons with completing library applications and providing information about library resources and services.
  4. Keeps a circulation log
  5. Keeps secret records of customer transactions.
  6. Keeps track of office information such as inventory, communications, and schedules.
  7. Janitorial duties are performed.
  8. Provides new and existing clients with information on library services, policies, and procedures.
  9. Other general clerical duties may be allocated.


Requirement And Skills

  1. Strong computer skills and interpersonal communication abilities are required.
  2. Outstanding organizational abilities
  3. Ability to make sound decisions under duress
  4. Basic office equipment proficiency
  5. Library circulation, referencing, and reference job knowledge
  6. Understanding of library policies and procedures

We are happy to be an Equal Opportunity Employer at Company. We are dedicated to forming a diverse and inclusive company, and we welcome applications from people of all races, religions, national origins, genders, gender expressions, and ages. We also accept applications from veterans and people with impairments.

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