Mishahara ya wachezaji wa Yanga Player Salaries, According to continental tournaments ‘List’

Mishahara ya wachezaji wa Yanga Player Salaries, According to continental tournaments 'List'

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Learn about Mishahara ya wachezaji wa Yanga Sports Club, also known as Young Africans Sports Club, is one of the oldest football clubs in Tanzania. Founded in 1935, the club has a rich history and a strong fan base of approximately 35 million supporters. Yanga Sports Club is based in the Temeke District of Dar es Salaam and plays its home games at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium in Miburani ward.

Success and Achievements

Yanga Sports Club has had great success both domestically and internationally over the years. The club has won multiple Tanzanian Premier League titles, solidifying its reputation as one of the country’s most successful clubs. Yanga Sports Club has also competed in continental tournaments such as the CAF Champions League and the CAF Confederation Cup.

Commercial Growth and Fan Base

Yanga Sports Club has achieved phenomenal commercial growth, acquiring sponsors and establishing lucrative collaborations. The club’s success both on and off the field has aided its growing popularity and fan base. Yanga Sports Club has become a football powerhouse in Tanzania, inspiring and uniting fans across the area, thanks to a committed following of ardent followers.

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Community Engagement and Social Impact

Yanga Sports Club is heavily involved in community engagement and social impact programs in addition to its sporting achievements. The club understands the value of giving back to society and has done a number of projects to benefit education, health, and youth development. Yanga Sports Club serves as a role model for aspiring young athletes and contributes to Tanzanian society’s general growth.

Future Prospects

In the future, Yanga Sports Club hopes to build on its success and further raise Tanzanian football on the world stage. The club’s management and coaching staff are committed to developing new potential and giving players opportunity to thrive. Yanga Sports Club is ready to make a lasting impression in the world of football, thanks to its passionate fan base and solid foundation.

If you’re wondering how much Yanga Sc players get paid every month (Mishahara Ya Wachezaji Wa Yanga 2023/2024), you might be shocked. The club does not reveal the salaries of its players and does not have a set salary structure for all players. However, this does not imply that no one is aware of the club’s player statistics.

Yanga Sc players, in fact, have been known to receive a base pay as well as bonuses based on their success. The club also provides incentives to its players, such as car allowances and housing allowances, but these do not come every month.

Mishahara ya Wachezaji wa Yanga SC Player Salaries chart

Viwango vya mishahara yanga, Please keep in mind that the specifics of player salaries might change over time, so always refer to the most recent information from credible sources for the most accurate and up-to-date data.

The estimated salary of Yanga SC players (Mishahara Ya Wachezaji Wa Yanga) are listed below. These data, however, are not official and were acquired from various sources during transfer period rumors.

NoMchezaji / PlayerUraia – NationalityMshahara Salary
39Djigui DiarraMali4 Mil
1Metacha MnataTanzania2 Mil
16Abuutwalib MsharyTanzania800k
2Ibrahim HamadTanzania1.9 Mil
3Bakari MwamnyetoTanzania3 Mil
5Dickson JobTanzania2.5 Mil
37Fred GiftUganda
13Lomalisa MutambalaDR Congo2 Mil
30Nickson KibabageTanzania990k
21Kouassi AttohoulaCote d’Ivoire3 Mil
33Kibwana ShomariTanzania1 Mil
8Khalid AuchoUganda6 Mil
18Salum Abubakar SalumTanzania3 Mil
27Mudathir YahyaTanzania2.3 Mil
26Pacôme ZouzouaCote d’Ivoire3.1 Mil
19Jonas MkudeTanzania5 Mil
20Zawadi MauyaTanzania2.2 Mil
10Stephane Aziz KiBurkina Faso23.4 Mil
7Maxi NzengeliDR Congo2 Mil
40Denis NkaneTanzania900k
17Faridi MussaTanzania750k
6Mahlatsi MakudubelaSouth Africa€5k
12Ducapel MolokoDR Congo2 Mil
28Hafiz KonkoniGhana1.8 Mil
11Crispin MhagamaTanzania550k
24Clement MzizeTanzania600k
25Kennedy MusondaZambia6 Mil

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