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Barrick Gold Corporation

Barrick Gold Corporation

Barrick Gold Corporation has a significant presence in Tanzania, with key operations in the country’s gold mining sector. The company’s activities in Tanzania contribute to the nation’s mining industry and economic development, while also emphasizing sustainable and responsible mining practices. find more about Barrick Gold nafasi za kazi ajira mpya contacts address email location office in Tanzania. Welcome to our website, orodhaya.com.

Operational Presence

Barrick Gold Corporation’s presence in Tanzania includes the Bulyanhulu and North Mara gold mines, which are integral to the company’s global portfolio. These operations play a crucial role in Tanzania’s gold production and are significant contributors to the country’s mining sector.

Barrick Gold Corporation

Commitment to Responsible Mining

In Tanzania, Barrick is committed to implementing responsible mining practices that prioritize environmental stewardship, community engagement, and the well-being of its workforce. The company upholds stringent standards for sustainability and environmental management to minimize its impact on the local ecosystem.


Community Engagement and Development

Barrick Gold Corporation actively engages with local communities in Tanzania, supporting community development projects, education, health initiatives, and infrastructure improvements. Through these efforts, the company aims to create positive socio-economic impacts and foster strong, mutually beneficial relationships with local stakeholders.

Environmental Stewardship

Barrick Gold Location

The company places a strong emphasis on environmental stewardship in its Tanzanian operations, implementing measures for land reclamation, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable water management. By prioritizing environmental sustainability, Barrick seeks to minimize its ecological footprint and contribute to the preservation of Tanzania’s natural resources.

Bulyanhulu is located in north-west Tanzania, in the Shinyanga region’s Kahama district, around 55 kilometers south of Lake Victoria and 150 kilometers southwest of Mwanza.
Bulyanhulu is a narrow-vein gold mine with sulfide gold, silver, and copper mineralisation. Bulyanhulu’s mineralisation is connected with a number of steeply dipping veins. In 2001, Bulyanhulu began commercial production.

Investment in Workforce and Skills Development

Barrick is dedicated to investing in the development and well-being of its Tanzanian workforce. The company provides training, skills development programs, and opportunities for career advancement, fostering a culture of safety, diversity, and inclusion within its local workforce.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Barrick Gold Corporation actively collaborates with the Tanzanian government, local authorities, and other stakeholders to promote sustainable mining practices, community development, and socio-economic growth. By forging strategic partnerships, the company aims to create shared value and support the long-term development of Tanzania’s mining industry.

Social Responsibility and Impact

Through its social responsibility initiatives, Barrick seeks to make a positive impact on Tanzanian society beyond its mining operations. The company’s community investment programs encompass areas such as health, education, infrastructure, and economic empowerment, contributing to sustainable socio-economic progress.

Regulatory Compliance and Governance

Barrick Gold Corporation adheres to robust regulatory compliance and governance standards in its Tanzanian operations, ensuring transparency, ethical conduct, and accountability. The company upholds the highest standards of corporate governance and complies with local regulations and industry best practices.

Future Outlook and Sustainability

Looking to the future, Barrick Gold Corporation remains committed to long-term sustainability, operational excellence, and value creation in Tanzania. The company’s vision includes advancing its operations, promoting innovation, and continuing to be a leader in responsible mining practices while contributing to the economic development and well-being of Tanzania and its people.

Barrick Tanzania Contacts Email

Telephone: +255 22 216 4200

Tan House Tower, Plot Number 34/1
Ursino South, New Bagamoyo Road
Post Office Box 1081, Dar es Salaam

For more updates about Barrick Gold Corporation please navigate into the official website https://www.barrick.com/


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