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Integrity Compliance Manager Jobs at EACOP | January 2024

Integrity Compliance Manager Jobs at EACOP | January 2024

Integrity Compliance Manager Jobs at EACOP | January 2024 job vacancy. The EACOP runs 1,443km from Kabaale, Hoima district in Uganda to the Chongoleani Peninsula near Tanga Port in Tanzania. 80% of the pipeline is in Tanzania. Welcome to our website,

Job Vacancy Integrity Compliance Manager at EACOP
Company EACOP
Location Tanga


The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project involves the construction and operation of a buried, cross-border pipeline to transport crude oil from the Lake Albert area in Uganda to the eastern coast of Tanzania for export to international markets. The pipeline will run from Kabaale in Hoima District, Uganda, to Chongoleani, Tanga Region, in Tanzania. The length of the pipeline is 1,443 kilometres (km) of which 296 km will be in Uganda.

Support the Compliance Officer (CO) of EACOP Limited (EACOP) to implement, report and animate the EACOP Code of Conduct, Compliance Policy, activities on Anti-Corruption and Compliance Program and any other related matters (hereafter the “Program”). The role holder will prepare and integrate Compliance in the regular reports of EACOP.


In accordance with existing laws and EACOP Code of Conduct, Internal policies and procedures, the Compliance Manager will support the CO to organize and implement various actions necessary for the deployment of the Program within EACOP. This requires in particular:

  1. Support the implementation and promotion of the Compliance Program within all operational and functional entities of EACOP;
  2. Ensure staffs’ awareness of various internal rules and regulations adopted (once they have been transcribed into the relevant referential) or updated and ensuring their application.
  3. Support the performing and reporting activities required of the CO, including ensuring timely review and completion of due diligence tasks and regular review and monitoring of EACOP’s anti-corruption and bribery risk mapping and risk mitigation plan.
  4. Alerting the CO of any violation of the rules and/or any incident of corruption that comes to the Managers’ attention and keeping the CO abreast of the status of the case.
  5. Analyzing incidents of fraud (or fraud attempts) transmitted to him/her and, if relevant, defining, coordinating, and structuring an action plan, ensuring follow-up in close coordination with the CO.
  6. Provide assistance as required, to the different departments on directives and procedures relating to the Programs.
  7. In coordination with the CO and EACOP’s HR Division, promote training tools (including e-learning) and provide support in raising awareness on compliance matters as required by the Program.
  8. Support the CO in monitoring and reporting of EACOP’s mitigation actions to determine whether the Compliance Program, directives and norms are fit for purpose and being followed properly.
  9. Assist in establishing and maintaining a secure and detailed archiving /document conservation system, particularly with respect to due diligence documentation;
  10. In liaison with the CO Team, the Legal Affairs Department and external counsel as necessary, maintaining up to date information on the legal situation regarding applicable International and National Anti-Corruption laws, rules, and regulations, and communicating this information to EACOP staff and in relevant engagements with external stakeholders.
  11. Provide periodic reporting as may be required; maintaining the necessary integrated reporting data (in required format) in order to accomplish these reporting requirements.
  12. Participate in Compliance related engagements with external stakeholders including EACOP Contractors, civil society and local authorities.
  13. Contribute to the protection and reputation of EACOP by ensuring compliance with anti-corruption laws and internal policies.
  14. Mentoring and coaching of Direct reports.
  15. Any other related matters referred to him/her for action by the CO or EACOP Management.


  1. EACOP operates in a delicate legal and regulatory context and the implementation of the patrimonial and operating agreements is frequently complex. Context is politically sensitive (high risk or commercially very important), and compliance shall be promoted at all times.
  2. Negotiations are often conducted with multiple parties (Shareholders including the National Oil Companies in Uganda and Tanzania, Authorities, Contractors, service providers, local communities) with different backgrounds which requires careful co-ordination and attention


  • The Compliance Programme aims to ensure compliance with international conventions, international and national law.


Qualification & Experience

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  2. At least 10 years’ experience in a compliance role with focus on Anti Bribery and Corruption Compliance, and
  3. Internationals Sanctions
  4. Experience in Oil and Gas is an added advantage.

How to apply:

Applications should do through through the links below:

You can apply by submitting your cover letter and CV to: with subject line Integrity Compliance Manager.

All applicants should share their CV’s and Cover Letters in PDF or MS Word STRICTLY


Deadline for applications is not later than 10:00 am, Tuesday 16th January 2024.


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