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Monitoring Officer Jobs at EFTA Ltd Announcement

Monitoring Officer Jobs at EFTA Ltd Announcement

Are you looking for the latest Monitoring Officer Jobs at EFTA Ltd Announcement job vacancy. EFTA is a reputable award-winning Financial Leasing Company based in Tanzania with numerous branches across the country, dedicated to helping SMEs and tamers grow. Welcome to our website

Open Vacancy Monitoring Officer
Department Operations
Location Dar
Deadline 16th Feb 2024.

OVERALL RESPONSIBILITIES: As a Monitoring officer , your overall responsibilities will be to drive an office vehicle and maintenance. To drive repossessed Equipments and to monitor Dar lease potfolio and all other dities assigned to you. Also you will be responsible to safely drive any vehicle assigned to you and its cargo. Adherence to the ‘The Highway Code Guide for Drivers & Riders’. You must also be fully aware of the ‘Traffic and Road safety Act, 1998’. (Copy can be obtained at Transport Department notice Board for your perusal).

REPORTING TO: You should report to your immediate Superior on all day-to-day routine jobs and matters. The chain of command within the Transport Department will be;

1. Office Administrator(OA)
2. Branch Manager (BM)

All communications within the chain of command must be respected at all times and all such matters shall be communicated in the correct order of command.

DOCUMENTATION: You must ensure that your Driving Permit is valid before driving any vehicle. It is your responsibility to renew your permit when necessary. An upto date copy of your Driving Permit should be given to the OA for record purposes.

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VEHICLE LOGBOOK: You will be required to regularly complete the Vehicle Logbook (OD-02) for any given vehicle. This is a report to monitor and inspect the condition of a vehicle. All and any faults must be clearly identified in the Vehicle Logbook (OD-02). After completion of the Vehicle Logbook (OD-02), it must be handed back to the OA for appropriate action to be taken on the vehicle concerned.

INSURANCE AND LICENSING: You must check that any vehicle assigned to you has a valid Road License and Insurance Sticker before you proceed on a journey. You must contact the OA at least three weeks before the expiry date for either the Insurance or Road License to request for a renewal. All renewal requests must also appear in the Vehicle Logbook OD-02). At all times you must have photo copies of these documents in case you are requested by the traffic police to show them.

ROUTINE: Before driving any vehicle or commencing any journey you must ensure that you have checked the fuel, oil, water, radiator, brakes, clutch and steering fluids. In addition you must also check the battery terminals and tyre pressure. You are also expected to check that all electrical components i.e. windscreen wipers, indicators, lights etc are working.

PASSENGERS: At no time may you carry anyone other than authorised COMPANY employed passengers without approval from the BM or OA. It is strictly forbidden for any Driver to stop and pick up passengers from the side of the road or offer lifts home to employees or any other third party.

As a COMPANY Driver you will be driving COMPANY vehicles and visitors therefore you are expected to be respectful, helpful, polite and lend a hand at all times.

VEHICLE: It is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle driven by yourself is kept washed, clean and in good condition inside and out, at all times. In addition you must ensure that all maintenance is carried out at the correct mileage; and the Vehicle Logbook (OD-02) is kept up to date at all times. If the vehicle is being repaired, you must supervise the job to ensure that a proper job is done in order to avoid unnecessary expenses and duplication of work. Fuel and oil consumptions must follow procedures at all times and all Fuel Order (OD-21) forms must be completed.

PARKING: No vehicle may ever be parked anywhere else over-night other than a COMPANY property, unless authorisation has been obtained before from the HR or MD.

No vehicle may be driven out of a COMPANY property without authorization. In addition no vehicle may move out of the property without the correct Vehicle Movement Form (OD-22). When a Driver is driving a vehicle with a cargo (other than people) then he must obtain in addition to the Vehicle Movement Form (OD-22), a Gate Pass (OD-18).

ACCESSORIES: You must keep an up to date record of all loose tools and accessories in your vehicle. These can be written in the Vehicle Logbook (OD-02). Do not drive any vehicle unless you have checked this list and found all items present. If items are found missing from this list without proper reason, then the cost of the replacement will be charged to your personal account.

ACCIDENTS: If you are involved in any form of accident on the public roads, then you must follow the correct Tanzanian laws and procedures. No vehicle is to ever be removed from an accident site without the police being notified and taking full site report.

If you are involved in an accident you must make sure that you informed your immediate supervisor. You must then follow this up by compiling a full detailed written report. This Accident Report (0D-25) must cover all events leading up to and after the accident, including a detailed sketch map of the accident site, within 4 hours of the accident occurring.

FUEL CONSUMPTION: Each Driver will be held responsible for the fuel consumption of any vehicle that has been allocated to him. Fuel gauges should be checked before a journey commences and be compared to the recording on the Vehicle Logbook (OD-02) . When a Driver is re-fuelling a vehicle he must ensure that the correct quantity of fuel has been placed in the vehicle.

UNIFORM: You are requested to wear the uniform. At all times you must be smart, clean and have presentable clothes and shoes. You must make sure that you have a high standard of personal hygiene at all times.

OTHER: You will also carry out other tasks and or jobs for the Transport Department not detailed above that may be reasonably requested from you by the CFO, HR or MD.

DISCIPLINE: Any Driver found breaking any part of the Highway Code, the Traffic and Road Safety Act or any part of this Job Description would have their Contract cancelled with immediate effect.

Any accident or mechanical failure that occurs to a vehicle as a direct result of your negligence or lack of proper care and attention, will have all financial costs to repair the damaged vehicle charged to the Drivers personal account and the Driver may have his Contract cancelled with immediate effect.


  • Form Four with an active driver’s license (class C).
  • Three to five years of driving experience.
  • Proficient with computers.
  • Able to oversee and retrieve loans
  • Proficient in Swahili and English

How to apply:

The Monitoring Officer Jobs at EFTA Ltd Announcement For all interested candidates kindly visit our website: for applications. Or Send your applications via

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