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Common Back Office Manager Jobs at WFP

Common Back Office Manager Jobs at WFP

Are you looking for Common Back Office Manager Jobs at WFP vacancy in Tanzania. Welcome to our website In This Post, Diversity is welcomed and celebrated by WFP. Encouraging qualified candidates to apply regardless of race, color, national origin, ethnic or social background, genetic information, gender, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, religion or belief, HIV status, or disability, it is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity for all of its employees.

The largest humanitarian organization in the world battling hunger is the United Nations World Food Programme. WFP’s goal is to assist the world in achieving zero hunger within our lifetimes. WFP works daily to guarantee that no child goes to bed hungry and that the most vulnerable and impoverished people, especially women and children, have access to the nourishing meals they require.


The Common Back Office (CBO) initiative aims to standardize processes and combine support services into a single facility at the national level in order to streamline critical operational areas of participating agencies. It is anticipated that this consolidation will lower administrative and transaction expenses as well as function duplication, and that the standardized processes will improve the caliber and efficacy of these services.

The United Nations participating entities will receive common designated services from the CBO unit in the areas of common procurement, logistics, human resources, ICT, finance, and administration (including facility management). According to the terms of the agreement between the hosting business, the CBO unit, and the participating entities, additional services may be included. The CBO is in charge of overseeing daily operations and decisions.

In order to ensure the quality of services rendered by the CBO, the Country Governance Board of the CBO will offer strategic direction through a participative coordination meeting in which all participating entities will have equal representation and all viewpoints will be taken into consideration. The Country Governance Board (CGB), which is led by the Resident Coordinator and is made up of the heads of participating UN entities, is the “clients” governance mechanism that oversees the CBO Manager’s overall service performance. The CGB Manager reports directly to the Head of Hosting Entity in the nation and via him/her to the CGB.

The CBO employs people devoted to managing and providing services to its clients, and it has its own annual budget.


The CBO Manager holds daily accountability for overseeing the provision of CBO services to client entities and reports directly to the Head of the Hosting Entity. Determining the needs of UN Entities for the services being provided, especially those related to timeliness and quality, is part of this function. The Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which outline the obligations and responsibilities of the CBO and client UN Entities, serve as boundaries for the CBO Manager.

The CBO Manager will be in charge of making sure that the UNSDG-agreed client satisfaction and costing and pricing principles are applied, as well as completing service delivery deadlines in a timely way, with the assistance of the Service Delivery Platform (SDP).

KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES (not all-inclusive)

A. Coordination of the governance arrangements:

  • The objective is to establish and strengthen the CBO in Tanzania by utilizing UNSDG Client Satisfaction and Costing & Pricing principles to create an integrated center of services that effectively meets the operational demands of its clients.
  • Take on the role of CGB Secretary. The secretary is in charge of meeting organization coordination and draft agenda preparation. Before the meeting, the members should get the agenda and any pertinent documents. Along with keeping a record of decisions, paperwork, and reports, the Secretary is also responsible for preparing reports and any necessary communication.
  • Establish a continuous line of communication with the teams of CGB members with the goal of producing prompt solutions and combining the new flows.
  • Report to CGB on a regular basis on all facets of CGB operations.

B. Supporting financial results and performance:

  • Monitor the agreed-upon SLAs with CBO client organizations and deliver high-quality services on schedule in each of the six functional areas (Common Procurement, Common Logistics, Common Human Resources, Common ICT, Common Finance, and Common Administration, including Facility Management).
  • Encourage/start the process of creating and proposing changes to SLAs and KPIs.
  • Provide CBO with a strategic plan that includes its biennial budget strategy for sustainability as well as its biennial management strategy.
  • The hosting entity and/or service provider’s financial data should be included in the yearly report on service delivery for participating entities.
  • Prepare a periodic review of the CBO financial statements and the annual work plans’ stage of implementation.
  • Create Tanzania CBO implementation updates and CBO yearly work plans.
  • Examine the cost-sharing plan and the billing process.


C. Monitoring of CBO day-to-day operations and decisions

  • Choose the best method of execution for each of the Service Lines (such as outsourcing).
  • Effectively hire qualified experts in accordance with CBO guidelines, then enable smooth onboarding.
  • Lead the crew through the installation and subsequent CBO modifications phases with effective general leadership, coaching, and work organization.
  • The CBO Programme Management Assistant needs to be supervised.
  • Encourage drive, camaraderie, and a client-focused culture.
  • guarantees the staff’s ongoing training and development.
  • Create suitable channels for coordinating with UN Entity program workers.
  • Create the necessary systems to get ongoing input from client organizations.
  • Assist with the creation of a case management system by providing direction during setup and assisting with user training.
  • Determine the necessary changes to be implemented in the original structure, procedures, tools, and allocation after a period of experimentation.


  • Advanced University degree in business, public administration, or a related field. (A first University degree may be accepted if the applicant has at least 9 years of relevant post-qualification experience)


  • a minimum of seven years of relevant post-qualification experience, ideally gained within the UN framework. Experience and track record of meeting deadlines while delivering a variety of UN administrative services in compliance with set UN regulations.
  • Experience and aptitude in managing a team and exercising leadership in a multicultural workplace.
  • Managing high-level client relationships requires effective communication and negotiating abilities.
  • the capacity to recognize a client’s needs and match them with creative, suitable solutions.
  • extensive familiarity with best practices and methods for process optimization (such as sourcing, logistics, finance, performance management, and strategic planning, among other areas).
  • extensive familiarity with best practices, methods, and procedures for creating fresh approaches and increasing productivity
  • knowledge of change management.
  • Capacity to adjust in a quickly changing setting and pay


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


The deadline for submitting applications is 26 March 2024.

The World Food Programme (WFP) maintains a zero-tolerance policy against acts of fraud, sexual exploitation and abuse, harassment, misuse of power, and discrimination. Every chosen applicant will be required to follow WFP’s code of conduct, and as a result, they will all go through a thorough background check either internally or externally. As part of the verification process, chosen candidates will further need to submit more information. Falsifying information submitted during the hiring process could result in disqualification or job termination.

WFP will not ask for payment at any point during the hiring process, not even during the offer stage. Refusing solicitations for payment is the proper course of action, and any such requests should be reported to the local law enforcement agency.

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