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Drill Operator Jobs at Apex Workforce Solutions Ltd

Drill Operator Jobs at Apex Workforce Solutions Ltd

Welcome to our website, In This Post, are you looking for Drill Operator Jobs at Apex Workforce Solutions Ltd opportunity / vacancies. Apex Workforce Solutions Ltd, representing a client in the mining industry, we are looking for a skilled Drill Operator to oversee and carry out drilling operations in Marble extraction projects. 

Location: Morogoro

Industry: Mining (Marble)


  • Operate and maintain drilling equipment for mining extraction and exploration
  • Monitor drilling progress and adjust operations for optimal efficiency and productivity
  • Ensure strict adherence to safety protocols and regulations during all drilling activities
  • Collaborate with engineering and geology teams to analyze data and enhance drilling strategies
  • Perform routine maintenance on drilling machinery to ensure peak performance
  • Execute drilling operations according to established plans and specifications
  • Conduct regular inspections of equipment and perform necessary maintenance checks
  • Interpret geological data to make informed decisions during drilling operations
  • Assist in the assembly and disassembly of drilling rigs specific to coal drilling activities


  • 4+ years of Proven experience as a Drill Operator in  mining operations ie Coal, Marble etc
  • Diploma/Degree in mining or related field
  • Proficiency in operating drilling equipment specific to coal extraction
  • Strong understanding of safety procedures and regulations in mining activities
  • Ability to analyze and interpret drilling data for decision-making purposes
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail in operational tasks

To apply, 

Please send your CV to   

Deadline 25th March 2024

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