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TCRA Call For Proposals 2024

Wito wa Mapendekezo TCRA Call For Proposals 2024

Here, TCRA Call For Proposals 2024 In the United Republic of Tanzania (URT), postal and electronic communications are governed by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), a government agency. It makes sure that, in order to preserve equity, effectiveness, and dependability throughout the nation, communication services—such as internet and telecommunication, broadcasting, postal, and courier services—adhere to set norms and regulations. TCRA works with stakeholders to do thorough research in order to carry out well-informed decision-making.

In this regard, TCRA extends an invitation to applied research specialists both domestically and abroad to submit study suggestions. The legal and regulatory framework of the postal and courier subsector, the legal and regulatory framework of the telecommunications and internet subsector, customer satisfaction, and new emerging technologies should all be directly addressed by the proposals. Please visit our website at for additional information about the target areas, requirements, evaluation criteria, and application submission process.

Submission of applications

All proposals and curriculum vitae of the applicants must be submitted to the Director General in soft and hard copies on or before 30th April 2024 at 16:00 hrs

EAT through e-mail:

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