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Viwango vya Mishahara Serikalini, Sekta Mbali mbali (Utumishi) Salary Scale PDF Check Out

Viwango vya Mishahara Serikali Sekta Mbali mbali Utumishi Salary Scale

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Along with this letter, I present to you Government Servants Circular No. 3 of the Year 2022 regarding the salary adjustment for Public Servants that started to be implemented from July 1, 2022.

Viwango vya Mishahara Utumishi Salary Scale

Mishahara: The Government continues to implement the 2010 Salary and Incentive Policy in the Public Service. In order to fulfill the objectives of this Policy, the Government has revised the salaries of its employees from July 1, 2022. Following the revision, the minimum salary has been increased by 23.3 percent from 300,000 shillings per month to 370,000 shillings per month. Other salary levels have been increased by different percentages.


As a result of these changes, the maximum salary levels given in Government Servant Circular No. 1 of 2015, will now be as shown in Attachments No. 1 – 11 of this document. In addition, starting salaries based on Education, Training Time, type of work and skills will be as specified in the Personnel Development Structures of the relevant cadres as well as various guidelines issued by this Office.

Those responsible for this wage adjustment

These amendments concern Central Government employees, Local Government employees, employees held in Public Institutions as well as employees who will be on leave accompanying leaving work or retiring from work after July 1, 2022.

Private Salaried Employees


Employees who receive personal salaries (Personal Salaries) that are within the Government salary levels and which are greater than those of their actual positions (Substantive Post) in the Government, will be affected by this amendment if their positions and salaries fall within the new positions and salary levels . In addition, employees who receive personal salaries that are not within the Government salary levels will not be affected by this amendment. Date of Change

This circular will come into force on July 1, 2022 and it cancels the Government Servants’ Circular no. 1 of 2015. All employers involved in this Circular are required to adjust the salaries of their employees according to the standards given in this Circular.

This document is a document and information of the Government and is not allowed to be published in the media. All this information are found at Utumishi Website

The Viwango vya Mishahara Serikalini Sekta Mbali mbali Utumishi Salary Scale PDF FILE


Utumishi Contact

United Republic of Tanzania
Office of the President, Public Service Management and Good Governance
Government Town Mtumba Service Street,

S.L.P. 670 DODOMA. Tanzania

026 216 0240

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