HESLB Portal Higher Education Students’ Loans Board Student Online

HESLB Portal Higher Education Students' Loans Board Student Online

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The Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB) Portal is an online platform that enables students to access various services related to their loans and grants. The portal serves as a one-stop-shop for students who have received financial assistance from HESLB, providing them with convenient access to crucial information and resources.

HESLB Portal

One of the key features of the HESLB Portal is the Repayment Portal. This section allows students who have completed their studies to start repaying their loans. Through the portal, borrowers can access information about their loan balance, repayment schedule, and payment options. They can also make online payments through the Government Electronic Payment Gateway (GePG), ensuring a seamless and efficient repayment process.

The FAQs section of the HESLB Portal provides students with answers to common questions and concerns they may have regarding their loans. It covers topics such as eligibility criteria, application process, loan disbursement, and repayment. This section aims to provide students with clear and easily accessible information, helping them navigate the complexities of the loan system.


In addition to loan repayment, the HESLB Portal also offers services related to loan applications and disbursements. Students can access information on how to apply for a loan, required documents, and important deadlines. They can also track the progress of their application and receive updates on the disbursement process through the portal.

Higher Education Students’ Loans Board Student

Through the HESLB Portal, students can submit feedback and complaints in the e-Mrejesho section. This feature allows borrowers to share their experiences, seek assistance, and provide suggestions for improvement. It promotes transparency and accountability by enabling direct communication between students and HESLB.

The Contact section of the HESLB Portal provides students with the necessary contact information to reach out to HESLB for any inquiries or assistance they may require. It includes phone numbers and email addresses where students can contact the board directly. This section ensures that students have access to reliable support when needed.

The HESLB Portal also offers additional resources and information to help students manage their loans effectively. It provides guidance on financial literacy, budgeting, and loan management. These resources aim to empower students to make informed financial decisions and ensure successful loan repayment.

To enhance efficiency and effectiveness, the HESLB Portal enables students to submit their loan repayment through the Government Electronic Payment Gateway (GePG). This integration streamlines the payment process, ensuring that borrowers can easily fulfill their repayment obligations without the need for physical visits or manual transactions.


The HESLB Portal keeps students informed about important updates and announcements through its News and Announcements section. Here, students can find information about loan policies, program changes, and other relevant updates. This section ensures that students are up to date with the latest developments concerning their loans https://www.heslb.go.tz/.

HESLB also emphasizes the importance of timely loan repayment through the portal. Students who fail to repay their loans within the stipulated time may face consequences such as penalties and legal actions. The portal serves as a reminder for borrowers to fulfill their obligations and encourages responsible financial behavior.

In General, the HESLB Portal plays a crucial role in facilitating the loan process for students. It provides a user-friendly interface, comprehensive information, and convenient services that enable borrowers to access the support they need throughout their loan journey.

HESLB Portal Student Online (HESLB) uses the portal to ensure openness, accountability, and successful loan repayment for the benefit of both students and Tanzania’s higher education industry.


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