HESLB Save 14,428 Again Allocated Loan for Batch Two Student 2023-24 (Waliopata Mkopo) Academic Year

HESLB Save 14,428 Again Allocated Loan for Batch Two Student 2023-24 (Waliopata Mkopo) Academic Year

Are you looking for HESLB Save 14,428 Again Allocated Loan for Batch Two Student 2023-24 (Waliopata Mkopo) Academic Year majina ya waliopata mkopo awamu ya kwanza,pili na tatu batch one two and Three allocation status login sipa portal account repayment emrejesho Didis olams. Welcome to our website, In This Article,!

Friday, October 27, 2023

Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB)

waliopata mkopo batch two

We would like to inform the students who applied for loans for the academic year 2023-2024, as well as the public that today (Friday, October 27, 2023) we have announced the Second Phase (Batch II) of 14,428 new students who were assigned loans worth TZS 44.2 billion.

All the students in the second phase are new students joining undergraduate studies in various higher education institutions in the country. The number of students who have been assigned a loan so far.

HESLB Save 14428 Waliopata Mkopo You can visit olams portal to see if you have allocated through HESLB Sipa Website


Thus, until now, a total of 70,560 new first-year students have been assigned loans worth TZS 203.9 billion. It will be remembered, 56,132 Bachelor students (Batch 1) were assigned loans worth TZS 159.7 billion in the First Phase announced last week, Friday, October 20, 2023.

In addition, among the 70,560 students assigned loans so far, 40,470 (57.3%) are male and 30,090 (42.6%) are female.

Procedure for obtaining more loan information Students assigned loans in the Second Phase, as is the case with all applicants, obtain more information about the loans assigned to them through their SIPA accounts that they used to apply for the loan.

We remind loan applicants that SIPA is the most important part of obtaining the applicant’s information about his loan application.

List of Phase Three

The Third Phase (Batch III) and the last one will be released before November 3, 2023 after the final analysis of the ongoing applications is completed. After the Third Phase, loan applicants will have the opportunity to submit an appeal to be considered for a loan or increase after submitting additional documents.

Loan funds budget for 2023-2024 The government has allocated TZS 731 billion for undergraduate students for 2023-2024 for 220,376 students. Among them, 75,000 students will be the beneficiaries of the first year.

About: The Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB) is a body corporate established under Act No.9 of 2004 (as amended in 2007, 2014 and 2016) with the objective of assisting needy and eligible Tanzania students to access loans and grants for higher education.

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