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Orodha Ya Shule Za Sekondari Mwanza Region List in Rank Check Out

Orodha Ya Shule Za Sekondari Mwanza Region List in Rank Check Out

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The Shule Za Sekondari Mwanza Region is the key to good education and development in the area. Mwanza is a region located in the northwest of Tanzania, and it has a total of secondary schools that provide unique educational opportunities for its students.

Jitegemee Secondary School is one of the most popular schools in this list. This school leads in the provision of quality education and administrative services. His students have been doing well in national exams and have had opportunities to develop themselves in various fields of development.

Feza Secondary School is another interesting one in the list. It is known for its excellent learning environment, skilled teachers and modern infrastructure. This school strives to ensure that its students succeed not only academically, but also morally and in life skills.

Lake High School also appears on this list. This school aims to build students’ academic, economic, and social skills so that they can be successful in their future lives. Lake Secondary School students have shown great potential in exam results and volunteer activities.

Secondary School of St. Augustine has been seen as the highest level in this region. This school is known for placing a strong emphasis on ethics, good governance, and academic excellence. His students have been doing well in national exams and have also achieved great success in volunteer activities and sports.


Mwanza Schools

S1233 – Koromije Secondary SchoolS1260 – Sima Secondary School
S1419 – Bangwe Secondary SchoolS1426 – Bujora Secondary School
S1444 – Kabila Secondary SchoolS1498 – Lugeye Secondary School
S1536 – Ngoma Secondary SchoolS1585 – Twitange Secondary School
S1589 – Mwanza Baptist Secondary SchoolS1608 – Ntunduru Secondary School
S1609 – Rorya Secondary SchoolS1622 – Kiseke Secondary School
S1665 – Nyasaka Islamic Secondary SchoolS1699 – Nyabulogoya Secondary School
S1706 – Pasiansi Secondary SchoolS1725 – Ole Njoolay Secondary School
S1756 – Central Buhongwa Secondary SchoolS1804 – Kilabela Secondary School
S1820 – Hill Crest Secondary SchoolS1835 – Mahina Secondary School
S1841 – Kandawe Secondary SchoolS1869 – Igogo Secondary School
S1883 – Migukulama Secondary SchoolS1891 – Mkuyuni Secondary School
S1894 – Lubugu Secondary SchoolS1910 – Igoma Secondary School
S1911 – Kirumba Secondary SchoolS1912 – Sangabuye Secondary School
S1941 – Kakobe Secondary SchoolS1986 – Igokelo Secondary School
S2014 – Nh’unduru Secondary SchoolS2015 – Sanjo Secondary School
S2027 – Malya Secondary SchoolS2048 – Lugata Secondary School
S2049 – Iligamba Secondary SchoolS2115 – Walla Secondary School
S2209 – Kasungamile Secondary SchoolS2243 – Itumbili Secondary School
S2245 – Kitumba Secondary SchoolS2268 – Lugongo Secondary School
S2269 – Busangumugu Secondary SchoolS2270 – Mukituntu Secondary School
S2311 – Maligisu Secondary SchoolS2324 – Mbugani Secondary School
S2334 – Islamiya Secondary SchoolS2425 – Sunrise Secondary School
S2432 – New Hellen Secondary SchoolS2508 – Iseni Secondary School
S2529 – Bugogwa Secondary SchoolS2530 – Nyamanoro Secondary School

Furthermore, to those schools, there are many other secondary schools in the Mwanza Region that are doing a good job in providing quality education and developing students’ talents. These schools have strived to develop a positive learning environment, provide qualified teachers, and encourage academic and social development.

Shule Za Sekondari Mwanza Region list of secondary schools in Mwanza Region confirms the important role that education plays in the development of society and the nation as a whole. These schools provide equal educational opportunities to students from every part of the region, they build them educationally, morally,

About: Mwanza Region was officially established in 1963 with four districts of Ukerewe, Geita, Mwanza and Kwimba. In 1972, after the policy of power in the regions, more districts were established starting with Magu in 1974. Sengerema district was established in 1975 where it was originally one of the divisions of Geita district.


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