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Bima ya Afya kwa wanafunzi National Health Insurance (NHIF)

Bima ya Afya kwa wanafunzi National Health Insurance (NHIF)

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The National Health Insurance Fund provides health insurance to students of higher, intermediate and technical colleges, secondary, primary and primary schools in the country with the aim of enabling them to access medical services at affordable costs.

A registered student will have access to medical services through his health insurance card throughout his studies and during vacations. 

These services are available in more than 9,000 medical centers registered with NHIF nationwide.


bima ya afya kwa wanafunzi
  • All students will enroll under the sponsorship of a school, college or relevant educational institution.
  • Each student will pay a contribution of Tsh. 50,400/= per year.
  • A student will renew his membership every year by donating the same amount until he completes his studies.
  • This program can also be used for the children of Fund members who have exceeded the age of dependency if they are still in school.


Jinsi ya kujisajili bima ya afya kwa wanafunzi
  • To register a student will need to follow the following procedure :-
  • Relevant school/college/institution to register in the Fund.
  • A student of a school/college/institute registered with the Fund will be able to complete his/her registration in parallel with completing registration/admission in the college/school/institute for the relevant academic year.
  • When a student joins a college/school/institute, he should contact the student advisor for the steps to register with health insurance.


  • Membership limitations are caused by:-
  • Leaving or dropping out of school;
  • Termination of contributions; and
  • Death.


The member must fill in the membership form which is available in the Fund’s offices throughout the country or through the Fund’s website www.nhif.or.tz and follow the following steps to get started.

  • A member must have a National ID number
  • The member must have one passport size color photograph,
  • The member who registers the spouse will be required to attach one color photo of the spouse, a copy of the marriage certificate and the identification number of Nation.
  • A member registering a child as a dependent will be required to attach a photograph of the child and a copy of the child’s birth certificate. A birth announcement can be submitted as an alternative to a birth certificate if the child is less than 6 months old.
  • The member will be given a payment number (control number) which he will use to make payments through the bank or mobile networks.
  • The member will make all payments in a lump sum or in installments through a special bank procedure
  • The member will be given a medical ID card and start receiving the services specified in the package he has chosen based on the criteria and conditions set.
  • A member can register online, to register visit the Fund’s website www.nhif.or.tz with the National ID number to complete the registration

Customer Service Call Toll Free 199

Bima ya Afya kwa wanafunzi National Health Insurance (NHIF) Communication
+255 26 2963887/8/+255 26 2963888

199 – Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF),


NHIF Building, Tambukareli,

Jakaya Kikwete Road,

S.L.P 1437,


0800 111163 – For providing fraudulent confidential information against the Fund.

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