Names of Those Who Got the HELB Loan Applicants 2023-24 Pdf First Year Released Check Out Now

Names of Those Who Got the HELB Loan 2023-24 Pdf First Year Released Check Out Now

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The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) has recently announced the first batch of eligible recipients for the forthcoming academic year 2023/24. This batch comprises successful applicants who have been allocated loans to support their higher education pursuits. The loans are aimed at providing sustainable finance to Kenyans pursuing higher education through the mobilization and prudent management of resources.

How to Check HELB Loan Allocation Status 2023-2024 Online.

How to Check HELB Loan Allocation Status

You can also check the status of your loan disbursement using the bank account you provided when you first registered. Although many students find it difficult to determine their loan disbursement status, the procedure is straightforward. Follow these steps to check the status of your HELB loan disbursement:

  • Go to the HELB website at
  • Select loan status. You will be taken to your HELB site (if you have not already registered with HELB, go here to register).
  • Select disbursement. A form detailing the status of your loan disbursement will display.
  • When you click on disbursement, a form displaying your loan’s disbursement status will appear.

As a result, the Ministry wishes to advise successful applicants that monies will be distributed to their respective universities and student accounts beginning Tuesday, November 7, 2023.”


“Students are advised to ensure that their bank details, as provided in the application for the loans, are correct and up to date.”

New loans will be provided under a new funding scheme revealed by President William Ruto in May in order to ensure that needy students receive them.

Once the online loan application process is complete, applicants are advised to print out the application form and Loan Agreement. This step is crucial as it serves as documentation and a reference point for both the students and the loan board. By providing these physical copies, the loan scheme promotes transparency and accountability in the loan disbursement process.

The allocation of first-year HELB Loan Applicants First Year 2023 plays a vital role in supporting students’ academic performance. It addresses the financial barriers that students may face, allowing them to focus on their studies without undue stress or distractions. The availability of loans for various categories, such as meals, accommodation, tuition fees, books, research, and practical training, ensures that students have access to comprehensive support throughout their academic journey.

Also, the loan allocation process recognizes the impact of delayed disbursement on students’ performance. The study focuses on the consequences of delays in loan disbursement and aims to minimize any negative effects. By ensuring timely allocation and disbursement of loans, the loan scheme contributes to an environment conducive to academic success.

In General, HELB Loan Applicant First Year The disbursement of first-year HELB loans is an important step toward making higher education accessible and affordable to all Kenyan students. It provides the financial assistance required to handle numerous elements of student life, ranging from basic necessities to specialized requirements.


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