GHRIS Payslip Login Account Access www.ghris.go.ke ‘Steps’ To Start

GHRIS Payslip Login Account Access www.ghris.go.ke 'Steps' To Start

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Learn anout GHRIS (Government Human Resource Information System) – GHRIS Payslip Model by going to www.ghris.go.ke and entering your email address and password. Ghris Payslip is an online platform that enables government employees to access and manage their payslips conveniently and securely. It is a part of the larger GHRIS system, which serves as a one-stop-shop for managing all human resource aspects in the government.

How to Access the Ghris Payslip

Follow these steps to discover and register for the new GHRIS Payslip.

  • Go to the GHRIS website https://www.ghris.go.ke/registerme.aspx.
  • If this is your first job with the government, use the login button for newly appointed employees.
  • Click on “First Time Registration.”
  • Fill out the activation form to activate your UPN account. It is critical to provide accurate information because it will be cross-checked against your records in the ministry or department where you work. If there are any differences between the information provided and your records, please contact your HRM unit.
  • Wait for your account to be activated before clicking the “Save” button. It’s unclear whether freshly hired staff should utilize the other login option once their UPN account has been activated.
  • Use the alternate login button if you are a current government employee.
  • Select “Register Here.”
  • Fill in all of the required information and click “Submit.”

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Benefits of GHRIS Pay slip:

  • Employees can easily view their pay slip information online thanks to GHRIS.
  • Comfortable and safe: Employees can access and download their pay stubs at any time and from any location.
  • Paper waste is reduced since GHRIS eliminates the requirement for physical pay slips.
  • Information that is accurate and timely: GHRIS ensures that employees receive correct and up-to-date pay slip information.

How to access GHRIS Pay slip:

  • Employees must have a user ID and password in order to access their pay slip on GHRIS.
  • GHRIS offers an online portal where employees can log in and check their pay stub information.
  • The registration process allows new employees to generate their user ID and password on GHRIS.

Understanding the GHRIS Pay slip:

  • The pay slip contains basic information such as the employee’s name, employee number, and department.
  • Earnings: It summarizes the employee’s earnings for the pay period, including base salary, bonuses, and overtime.
  • Deductions: Taxes, pension contributions, and loan repayments are all shown on the pay stub.
  • Net pay is the amount an employee earns after deductions.

Importance of GHRIS Pay slip:

  • Salary verification: The pay slip acts as documentation of income and can be used to verify salaries.
  • Budgeting and financial planning: Employees can use their pay stubs to track their earnings and expenses, which will help them with budgeting and financial planning.
  • Tax filing: The pay stub contains information required to file income tax forms.


Security measures in GHRIS:

  • Confidentiality: GHRIS Pay slip information is kept private and only authorized personnel have access to it.
  • Secure login credentials are used by GHRIS to ensure that only authorized employees can access their pay slip information.
  • Data encryption: To protect sensitive employee information, GHRIS implements data encryption techniques.

Updating GHRIS Pay slip information:

  • Personal information changes: Employees can update their personal information on GHRIS, such as their address or phone number.
  • compensation adjustments: Any compensation changes, such as promotions or raises, are recorded on the pay stub.

Troubleshooting common issues:

  • Employees who have forgotten their password can reset it through the GHRIS site.
  • Pay slip issues: Employees can contact the HR department for clarification if there are any differences on their pay slip.

GHRIS Pay slip for retired employees:

  • Pension data: Retired employees can get their pension data via the GHRIS Pay slip.
  • Pension payout information: The pay slip contains information regarding the pension amount and payment dates.

GHRIS Pay slip for loan applications:

  • Loan eligibility: Employees can check their loan eligibility using their GHRIS pay stub.
  • Calculating loan repayments: The pay stub is used to calculate loan repayment amounts depending on the employee’s income.


GHRIS Pay slip for tax purposes:

  • Calculating income taxes: The pay stub contains the information needed to calculate income tax.
  • Tax deductions: The amount of tax deducted from the employee’s compensation is shown on the pay slip.

GHRIS Pay slip for leave management:

  • Leave balance: The employee’s leave balance, which includes annual leave, sick leave, and other types of leave, is displayed on the pay slip.
  • Deductions for leave: If an employee takes leave during a pay period, the deductions for that period are reflected on the pay slip.

GHRIS Pay slip for performance evaluation:

  • Performance-based incentives: Performance-based bonuses or incentives may be included in the pay stub.
  • Calculating performance incentives: The pay slip explains how performance incentives are computed.

GHRIS Pay slip for salary history:

  • Salary advancement: The pay stub displays the employee’s wage history, including any raises or changes in compensation over time.
  • Promotional information: If an employee is promoted, the new salary and position are reflected on the pay stub.

GHRIS Pay slip for statutory deductions:

  • Contributions to social security schemes: The pay stub reflects the employee’s contributions to social security schemes.
  • Health insurance deductions: If relevant, health insurance deductions are included on the pay stub.

GHRIS Overtime and allowances pay slip:

  • Overtime pay calculations: The pay slip explains how overtime compensation is computed.
  • Allowance breakdown: If an employee receives allowances, the pay slip details the various forms of allowances.

GHRIS Pay slip for salary loans:

  • Loan deductions: The pay stub indicates the salary loan deductions.
  • Employees can check their loan balance on their pay stub.

GHRIS Pay slip for employee benefits:

  • Deductions for employee benefits, such as medical insurance or retirement programs, are included on the pay stub.
  • Details on benefit coverage: The pay stub contains information about the coverage and benefits of employee benefit plans.

GHRIS serves the following:

  • Ministries and State Departments
  • Uniformed Services
  • State Corporations and Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies (SAGAs)
  • Counties (both Executive and Assembly)
  • Constitutional Commissions and Independent Offices
  • Third-Party Organisations (e.g. Banks, SACCOS, Micro-Finance Institutions, Insurance Companies, Pensions Schemes)


  • The GHRIS Pay slip provides a quick and secure method for Kenyan government employees to retrieve their salary information.
  • It gives complete earnings, deductions, and net pay statistics.
  • GHRIS Pay slips are required for a variety of functions such as pay verification, budgeting, tax filing, and loan applications.

GHRIS Payslip Login Account Access www.ghris.go.ke ‘Steps’ To Start For Inquiries and Feedback: Please send your inquiries and feedback to: ghrishelp@psyg.go.ke


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