MSPS Online Services Portal www.ghris.go.ke ‘Steps’ To Start

MSPS Online Services Portal www.ghris.go.ke 'Steps' To Start

Are you looking for MSPS Online Services Portal www.ghris.go.ke ‘Steps’ To Start HRIS Government of Kenya Employees Public Service Payroll GHRIS payslip download 2023, 2024 login publicservice.go.ke login payslip uhr.kenya.go.ke payslip online registration. how to access print and help desk application form. Welcome to our website orodhaya.com, In This Article,!

MSPS stands for Ministry of Public Service and Social Welfare. MSPS ONLINE SERVICES is a platform provided by the ministry to offer various online services to the public.

G.H.R.I.S – Government Human Resource Information System:

GHRIS is one of the main online services offered by MSPS. It is a One-Stop-Shop HRIS (Human Resource Information System) for managing all HR aspects in the government.

You may easily access to TSC online payslips at the official Kenya site once you have enrolled for the TSC payslip online. There, you must input your TSC number as well as your password. Once you have obtained the online TSC payslip details, you can download your payslips for any month you like.

Online Login Process

  • To access GHRIS Payslip, employees need to use their User ID, which is their Full Civil Service Personal Number. This ensures secure login and protects sensitive information through website https://www.ghris.go.ke/loginonly.aspx

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Benefits of GHRIS:

  • HR information is easily accessible: GHRIS allows government personnel to view their HR information online.
  • Convenient and productive: GHRIS. allows employees to examine and amend their personal information, leave balances, and payslips.
  • HR processes are simplified using GHRIS, including leave applications and performance reviews.

MSPS Online Services for Government Employees:

  • User ID and Password: Government employees can use their unique user ID and password to access MSPS ONLINE SERVICES.
  • Employees have online access to their pay stubs, which they may read and download.
  • Employees can use the online site to apply for leave and monitor their leave balances.

MSPS Online Services for Job Seekers:

  • MSPS ONLINE SERVICES gives information about employment openings in the government sector.
  • Online application: Job seekers can apply for government positions using the online application portal.
  • Application tracking: Applicants can use MSPS ONLINE SERVICES to check the status of their job applications.

MSPS Online Services for Pensioners:

Pension data: Pensioners can obtain their pension data via the internet site.
Pension payment information: The web portal gives information on pension amounts and payment dates.


MSPS Online Services for Social Welfare:

  • Social welfare programs: MSPS Online Services provides information about the government’s numerous social welfare initiatives.
  • Application for social welfare benefits: Individuals can apply for social welfare benefits online.

MSPS Online Services for Training and Development:

  • MSPS ONLINE SERVICES provides information on training programs available to government employees.
  • Employees can register for training sessions online via the online portal.

MSPS Online Services for HR Management:

  • HR policies and guidelines: MSPS Online Services provides government personnel with access to HR rules and guidelines.
  • HR forms and templates: HR forms and templates can be downloaded from the internet platform by employees.

MSPS Online Services for Performance Evaluation:

  • Performance evaluation procedure: MSPS ONLINE SERVICES assists government personnel with the performance review process.
  • Online performance evaluation forms: Employees can complete their performance evaluation forms online.

MSPS Online Services for Grievance Handling:

  • Grievance submission: Employees can use the web site to file their grievances.
  • Employees can use the online tool to track the status of their grievances.

MSPS Online Services for Employee Records:

  • Management of employee data: MSPS Online Services offers as a consolidated platform for maintaining personnel records.
  • Employee information is securely saved in the online system.

MSPS Online Services for Salary Administration:

  • wage information: Through the web portal, employees can obtain their wage information.
  • Salary changes and increments are made easier via MSPS Online Services.

MSPS Online Services for Employee Benefits:

  • Information about employee benefits, such as health insurance and retirement programs, is available on the web platform.
  • Enrollment and management: MSPS ONLINE SERVICES allows employees to enroll in and manage their benefits.


MSPS Online Services Portal www.ghris.go.ke ‘Steps’ To Start is a comprehensive platform that provides a wide range of online services for government employees, job seekers, retirees, and people looking for social welfare benefits.

It improves efficiency in the public sector by streamlining HR operations, making information more accessible, and streamlining HR processes.


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