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Ada za Lipa kwa Simu Merchant Tariffs (Tsh) Check Out

Ada za Lipa kwa Simu Merchant Tariffs (Tsh) Check Out Mihamala

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Tanzania is redefining digital payments. Pay by Phone is Vodacom’s Merchant payments solution, released in November 2016, to digitize payments in the Tanzania retail ecosystem and enabling merchants and retailers to receive payments smoothly while assisting customers to avoid the dangers and costs associated with carrying cash.

In March 2017, Vodacom improved the service by releasing a new M-Pesa App, which, among other things, offers QR-code payments, significantly simplifying the payment experience by eliminating the need to key in till numbers at retail contact points.

Ada za Lipa kwa Simu QR codes are a new feature in Tanzanian mobile money networks, designed to improve the simplicity and sophistication of M-Pesa transactions.

Pay by phone has enabled customers of all networks and banks to achieve payments easier, security compared to cash that is costly and risky which is why we say M-Pesa home of digital payments since customers from all networks and banks have been enabled to pay merchants from their Lipa number.

Lipa kwa Simu Mpesa Paying with your phone allows you to get the following benefits

  • All networks and bank accounts connected to M-Pesa payments to reduce the hassle of having multiple till numbers
  • Pay by Phone solution will enable you to pay conveniently to a diverse group of merchants across all sectors like pubs and bars, hotels, restaurants and cafes, supermarkets, fuel stations, cinema outlets, pharmacies, hardware stores
  • Safe, not bulky and risk-free. (Avoids risk of robbery, theft, fake notes, contamination with germs)
  • Simple and efficient. No hassle for change, simplicity of QR codes, keeps all transaction records.
  • Faster and convenient for distance payments (higher velocity compared to cash)

A NOTE FOR MERCHANTS: Your merchant till (Lipa number) is only for collecting payments from goods or services offered by your business (Lipa transactions), It is a crime to use your Lipa number to perform any other transaction types that are not directly linked with receipt of payments from goods or services offered by your business.


The Ada za Lipa kwa Simu Merchant Tariffs (Tsh) Check Out If your merchant till is found to be doing transactions that are not linked to merchant payments, Vodacom will charge the merchant till to reflect the nature of the transactions.

Value (Tsh)Merchant Tariffs (Tsh)
FromToSettling Real time to a registered bank account.Settling Real time to other bank account.Withdrawing at M-pesa agent

About: Vodacom Tanzania is Tanzania’s leading communications company providing a wide range of services for consumers and enterprise including voice, data, messaging, financial services and Enterprise solutions.

Vodacom Tanzania was listed on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange on 15 August 2017. Vodacom Tanzania and its subsidiaries (together ‘the Group’) are majority owned by Vodacom Group Limited (75% holding), a company registered in South Africa, which in turn is majority owned by Vodafone Group PLC., a company based in the United Kingdom.


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