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NWU Online Application Portal/Form ‘Steps’ How

NWU Online Application Portal/Form 'Steps' How

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The NWU Online Application Portal makes it easy for potential students to apply for admission to North-West University. The online application procedure eliminates the need for students to submit paper applications, making it easier and faster for students to apply from anywhere in the world.

NWU Online Application Portal

Applicants must first visit the NWU website and navigate to the online application portal to begin the online application process. They can then click the “Application Login” button, which will take them to the login screen. If this is their first time applying to NWU, they can choose to generate a new student number and follow the prompts to fill out all of the required information.


When filling out the online application form, it is crucial to provide accurate and truthful details. Applicants must ensure that all the required fields are completed and that the information provided is correct. This includes personal information, educational background, and any relevant supporting documents.

Upon completion of the online application form, applicants will receive a unique student number. This number will serve as their identification throughout the application process and should be kept safe for future reference.

After submitting the online application, candidates will receive confirmation of receipt via email. It is important to save this email as proof of application submission. The confirmation email will also contain information about any additional documents or requirements that may be needed for the application to be considered complete.

Following receipt of applications, candidates will be informed of whether they are expected to write selection tests, if applicable, and the date and time of these tests. This ensures that each applicant is given equal opportunity to showcase their abilities and meet the specific requirements of their chosen program.

Applicants who were previously registered with NWU and are reapplying need to complete the online application form as well. It is important to include all the necessary information and supporting documentation to ensure a smooth reapplication process.

How to Create NWU Student Account

The first step ( undergraduate applying for the first time) to get started with the NWU Online Application is to create a student number.

Here are the steps to follow.

  • Go to the NWU Website
  • Go to study2@NWU.
  • Choose Apply Here from the drop-down option.
  • Create a Student Number by clicking here.
  • Fill up the online personal form
  • Click the Next button.

For international students, an application fee is required. The online application platform provides instructions on how to pay the application fee for international applicants. It is essential to follow these instructions carefully and provide proof of payment.

Once the online application has been submitted, candidates can use the NWU Online Application platform to track the status of their application. This allows students to stay updated on the progress of their application, whether it is still under review or has been approved.


How to Apply

Get started if you already have a student number. When you receive a student number, use that together with the PIN you created to log in.

  • Access the Online Application Portal.
  • Enter your Student ID and PIN.
  • Click the Login button.
  • Complete all mandatory fields (*).
  • All relevant documents (including the undertaking form) must be uploaded.
  • Preview and then click Submit.

NB: Being assigned (Allocated) a student number does not imply that you have finished the application process. Please follow all of the steps outlined above to ensure that your application is complete and reaches us. The University will not process incomplete applications.

The NWU Online Application Portal is user-friendly and accessible, making it suitable for both local and international applicants. It streamlines the application process, reduces paperwork, and ensures that applications are received and processed efficiently.

In General, the NWU Online Application Portal (Form) makes it simple and easy for prospective students to apply for admission to North-West University. Applicants can simply submit their applications, follow their progress, and remain informed about the status of their application by using this online portal.

“The easy-to-use interface and clear instructions make the application process simple for all applicants, guaranteeing a smooth transition into their academic adventure at NWU”.


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