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Ilboru Joining Instruction 2024-25 PDF Form Release Check Out

Ilboru Joining Instruction 2024-25 PDF Form Release Check Out

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I am pleased to inform you that your son has been selected to join this school in the year 2024. Ilboru School is located two kilometers north of Arusha city. Transportation by taxi, bajaji or motorcycle (BODABODA) from the city is available at the main bus station. The fare is 15,000 shillings for taxi, 5,000 for bajaji and 3,000 for bodaboda.

Ilboru Joining Instruction 2024


Form ya kujiunga na shule ya Ilboru form one Joining Instruction 2024-25 PDF Form Release Check Out PDF FILE

The academic term will start on 08/01/2024. so you have to report to school on..8/01/2024 until 22/01/2024.


Important things to consider;

   1. School uniforms.

  • Two short-sleeved white (tetron) shirts
  • Two black trousers – (with two pleats) 
  • Enough underwear, 
  • Two (2) black ties
  • One or more pairs of black leather shoes with laces. They should not have high heels.
  • 12 Notebooks (Counter), graph paper pads (02) for personal use. 
  • Mathematical Set, at least 05 pens, and enough pencils. 
  • Two light blue T-shirts with logos 
  • Track suits of gray color with logos,
  • One pair of rubber (flat), bukta (sports shorts) dark green and T-shirt green for sports short sleeves (jersey) (without text)
  • Two or more pairs of black socks.
  • Pillowcase (Light blue) and towel 
  • Sponge Mattress (2½ feet) will be shown upon purchase. 
  • Two sheets (light blue) and one blanket (or two if you can afford it) 
  • Mosquito net (light blue) xvi 10-liter water bucket 
  • Tranker (tin box); he should not come with a wooden one. 
  • Spoon, plate, bowl and cup (½ liter)
  • Bring one photo copy (Passport size) of the parent/guardian, one of the student and another of the close relative has. 
  • Human needs (soap, 5 liters of soap for personal needs, toothpaste, toothbrush, toothpaste, mirror, etc.)
  • Black leather belt 
  • One or more black sweaters with the school logo. 
  • Notebook bag
  • Dark gray pants (school uniform fabrics) if the color confuses you, buy it according to the instructions. 
  • Cleaning equipment : Soft Broom (1), Hard Broom (1), Squizer (1), Late
  • (1) with handle and Toilet brush (1).

The student should not bring any clothes other than the prescribed uniforms.

1. The ID card will be available here at the school.

2. Cell phones, lines, heaters and electric cables, radios and devices that use electricity are not allowed at school. Anyone caught with them will be expelled from school immediately.

  • There will be an Inspection on the day of reporting to School, and an emergency inspection at any time.
  • The parent should provide his/her phone number for immediate contact through the Principal’s Office and in the personal information form attached.

– The student will hand over the address and stamp to send the progress form to his parent (PRF) EVERY SEMESTER.

– The parent with the E-mail/e-mail address should let us know.


  • Doctor’s Certificate:
  • Here is attached a form that the Government Hospital Doctor must confirm your health status and that you can afford your studies well. So make sure you are tested by a Government Hospital Doctor (not a health center) before you arrive at school and present the form here at school as soon as you arrive.
  • You must bring a copy of the Birth Form or Birth Certificate.
  • Acceptance Form for School Conditions:

This school belongs to the Government, so it has no religion. For a student with strong religious feelings, parents are advised to send them to seminary schools.

N.B: Please read these instructions/instructions carefully and follow them fully.

I wish you a good journey coming here to school.

Very close.

Form one joining instruction 2024

The important rules and regulations of the school are a guide to the way of living for the community present here in the school in order to achieve the development of the school. The success of school development is highly dependent on how the student obeys and respects the rules and regulations. The school is run in accordance with the education law no. 25 of 1978 and as amended by law no. 10 of the year 1995. In addition, it takes into account all the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Technology, which has a history of education in the country and the Office of the President (Tamisemi) with the responsibilities of management and operation of education.

Contacts / Communication

  • PRINCIPAL: 0621740533 / 0754985022
  • SCHOOL VICE PRINCIPAL: 0787411769/ 0753810559
  • MATRON / PATRON: 07670323368/ 0768234872
  • FORMATION: 0754090978/0719331255


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