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Iyunga Joining Instruction 2024-25 PDF Form Release Check Out

Iyunga Joining Instruction 2024-25 PDF Form Release Check Out

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I am happy to inform you that your son has been selected to join the Form one in this school in 2024. Iyunga Secondary School is located five (5) kilometers west of Mbeya city. DALADALA/BAJAJI transportation from the main bus station to the main stand fare is only seven hundred shillings (700/=)

Iyunga Joining Instruction 2024


Form ya kujiunga na shule ya Iyunga Joining Instruction 2024-25 PDF Form Release Check Out PDF FILE

The academic term starts on 08/01/2024 So the student must report to school on 07/01/2024


Important things to consider:-

1. School uniform

  • Two (2) pants, the same color as the police, not respectable “modo” (have two margins).
  • Two white shirts, both short sleeves should be long enough to be tucked into the pants.
  • A long black tie reaching to the waist
  • 2 pairs of black leather school shoes. Low-heeled shoes with laces. (e) Two pairs of black socks.
  • Blue sweater (Bikini color) V-neck (g) Black pants belt with no pictures or effects.
  • Two gray T-shirts with collars (form six), one will be used as a farm dress and the other for sports. The T-shirt should be round collar and not otherwise.
  • Sports equipment: rubber/sports shoes, blue Bukta, two pairs of long socks.
  • Winning clothes (shamba dress) which are two tracksuits, gray color with white squares from the waist to the sole and from the shoulder to the palm should be worn at all times after classes. (k) Blue overalls for technical studies

The equipment available in the school is only t-shirt, track suit, tie, socks, notebook counter and mosquito net.

Essential requirements

  • 2 light blue sheets
  • One heavy blanket for the winter season
  • Large notebooks (counter books) 10
  • Sufficient rulers, pens and pencils
  • Toothbrush, soap, toothpaste and shoe polish
  • Plates, bowls, cups and spoons for food (g) Mosquito nets.

Attachments and Key Forms:

  • Medical Examination Form which will be filled by the Chief Medical Officer of the government hospital.
  • Form of personal information about the history of the student/agreement not to participate in strikes, riots and criminal offences.
  • Form for the parent to agree to the rules, regulations and other instructions issued by the school.
  • Four (4) photos of Parents and Close Relatives of the student who can visit the student at school along with their phone numbers.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate.

5. Other important instructions

  • The student must have a fare to return home during the holidays.
  • The school does not provide special diet services for patients

Form one Joining Instruction 2024

The important rules and regulations of the school are a guide to the way of living for the community present here in the school in order to achieve the development of the school. The success of school development is highly dependent on how the student obeys and respects the rules and regulations. The school is run in accordance with the education law no. 25 of 1978 and as amended by law no. 10 of the year 1995. In addition, it takes into account all the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Technology, which has a history of education in the country and the Office of the President (Tamisemi) with the responsibilities of management and operation of education.

Iyunga Contacts

  • Phone: Principal 0756025516, M/Principal 0757612107
  • 0754668190, 0764641765, 0655678821, 0712241989.
  • Email:
  • Website:

In 2004, Science lessons were introduced for Form V and VI (PCM and PCB). Also, the school has been added to the special PMC from July 2021. Until now, the school offers technical education for the first to fourth form and science studies for the fifth and sixth form.


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