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Ufundi Ifunda Joining Instruction 2024-25 PDF Form Release Check Out

Ufundi Ifunda Joining Instruction 2024-25 PDF Form Release Check Out

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We are happy to inform you and congratulate you for being selected to join Form 1 at Ifunda-Iringa Vocational Secondary School in 2024 in the VOCATIONAL shortcut.

Ufundi Ifunda Joining Instruction 2024


Form ya kujiunga na shule ya Ufundi Ifunda Joining Instruction 2024-25 PDF Form Release Check Out PDF FILE


School will open on 08/01/2024 VERY SOON. We believe that for the entire time you stay at Ifunda you will be ready to receive, learn, obey and implement the instructions, rules and procedures of the Boarding School using wisdom, wisdom, obedience and great loyalty. If you have not reported until 30/03/2024 you will have lost your place.



  • (a) Ifunda Vocational Secondary is located in Iringa Region 45 kilometers from Iringa town, on the side of the road to Mbeya.
  • (b) This school is a mix of Girls and Boys and has Form One to Six.

Forms three to four are boys only, forms two, five and six are mixed girls and boys. All students sleep in the dormitory, there are boys’ and girls’ dormitories, but they all study together and eat together in the dining halls.

  • (c) The school is for vocational education for the first to fourth forms and science education for the fifth and sixth forms.

Engineering has four main parts which are: 

(i) Construction (Civil Engineering)

(ii) Mechanical Engineering

(iii) Electrical Engineering

  • (d) The school is technical, the important subjects for the school are Mathematics and Engineering Science. A student who fails those subjects by getting below grade “B” will have to return to regular schools. In order for a student to join the college at the diploma level and the fifth form, he must pass those two subjects with that success. For the fifth form, the school prepares only for PCM and PCB specializations.


Every Student joining this school must bring all the items listed below.


  • Two (2) or more long-sleeved white shirts.
  • Two (2) or more pairs of black leather shoes with short heels.
  • Sports clothes: Bukta and T-Shirt, masai blue color, rubber should be brought with them. Heavy red T-shirts with collars (called form six) are available at the school for fifteen thousand shillings (Tshs 15,000/=)
  • Two pairs of white socks (2)
  • Sufficient towels and underwear, heavy blankets, sheets (2) for sleeping, among which one sheet should be light blue, a light blue pillow and pillow, bring a mosquito net with you
  • Bring a 3 x 6 sponge mattress
  • 1 plate, 1 bowl, 1 cup, 1 spoon
  • 1 wash bucket and 1 broom for personal hygiene 9. Mathematical set
  • Large enough notebooks, pens and money for personal use.
  • Blue overalls for technical studies
  • Bring two (2) or more dark blue pants, bottom size 15-16 inches.
  • Bring one (one) dark green pants
  •  Treatment is up to the parent.
  • One (1) dark blue tie with the school logo.
  • Track suit red with white stripes on the side.
  • Heavy blue sweater with one or more (V) seams.
  • Textbooks he will read for capable parents.
  • A heavy black jacket that does not cross the knees and has no text or image to protect against the cold during the evening preparations.
  • A hat (mzula) with the color of the national flag of Tanzania to protect himself from the cold.
  • Two reams of paper for use in exams and regular practice.
  • English dictionary for its use – OXFORD/CAMBRIDGE Advanced English learners Dictionary.
  • The student should bring one pair of boots for outdoor/farm work during rain.
  • After the introduction of all technical fields, the student will be required to have a tool box for his respective field.
  • Each student should bring a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Form one joining instruction 2024

The important rules and regulations of the school are a guide to the way of living for the community present here in the school in order to achieve the development of the school. The success of school development is highly dependent on how the student obeys and respects the rules and regulations. The school is run in accordance with the education law no. 25 of 1978 and as amended by law no. 10 of the year 1995. In addition, it takes into account all the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Technology, which has a history of education in the country and the Office of the President (Tamisemi) with the responsibilities of management and operation of education.


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